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Monday, February 19, 2007

You scratch my back,

There is this one little urban perk that people take for granted. This perk is something that us country folks have learned to live without, yet there are times when it would just make life so much easier.

What is this perk you ask, deliveries. Yes, you read that correctly. Deliveries of pizza, groceries, etc. is something we don't get out here. Topographically we are not that far from a town, yet the distance makes companies cringe. For 5 years now, I always ask a new company that claims to have a delivery service, if they deliver out here. Not that I would necessarily take advantage of it, but just curious, and for 5 years many had no idea where we were or if they did, flat out told us no.

Once and awhile a delivered pizza would be a nice treat. Especially after a storm hits here and we are busy with clean ups. So many of us working hard, tired and hungry, we would be grateful if we didn't have to drive into town to pick up food for all of us. But alas, no one is willing.

The other day my husband came home with a flyer. The locally owned gas station was now serving pizza. Sounds delicious doesn't? However I am one that is willing to give local businesses at least a try, even if they are selling convenient store items and foods. Of course my thoughts on this was that the food was going to taste like all the other fresh from the freezer gas station foods. But hey, life has to be an adventure at times.

I called the number on the flyer to place an order, and once again asked if they delivered out here. They had no idea where out here was and I jokingly said that I would draw them a map when I came in to pick up my pizzas. I left them my name, and then drove into town.

Once I got there I was surprised to see that they were making the pizzas from scratch. No pre-made frozen dough. That in itself was a thrill to see, no matter what the taste might be. They used mini meatball sized meats and fresh veggies, oh my! And I over heard them talking about my order, I had ordered some cheese sticks that turned out to be grandma's calzones. Color me giddy!

I was given my boxes of homemade pizzas and was paying for them. The owner asks if I was the one that told them I would draw a map out of the area I live in. I said yes. There are about 30 of us in this area. I drew out the map and he asked if I would drop off flyers. He was willing to deliver to us! I know that it might seem a mundane thing to be thrilled about, but for us this is a very special treat. Someone wants to deliver out here!

The pizza was good, very good. Grandma knows her cooking. I informed neighbors of this new development, and they are just as happy and surprised as I was. Pizza Hut is about to lose a bunch of customers, and not just because of the deliveries. { and the extra delivery cost is competitive to those that only delivery in town}

If you ever find yourself around Valley Center Kansas {and I know some of you are} Stop by MC's Country Store & Tomettii' Pizza on the corner of Main and Meridian. Show this local business some love. And they also sell by the slice. It's well worth it.

The three Year old has a viral infection {what I thought} had nothing to do with the peanut butter. He is doing better now, except now he has an ear infection.

My father is having some lung tests done today to see if he is able to survive surgery. If he passes he will undergo open heart surgery either Thursday or Friday. He will be able to come home when he can do a few required things on his own. Because of this we have decided to allow the company to erect the shell of our home so that it can be finished in a more timely manner and we can get my father in a more comfortable area. He may need to get around in a wheel chair and needs a hospital type bed, something we currently do not have room for.


Stephanie Appleton said...

That sounds wonderful!
Thanks for the heads up too about the yahoo group for earth sheltered!

Anonymous said...

Hi Phelan!

So happy for you regarding the whole yummy, handmade pizza deal! Sometimes things just go right, HUH?

I will say a prayer for your father. If all goes well, it sounds like you are going to be a very busy family for awhile. I hope everything goes well with your house as well.

Anonymous said...

That is great to have yummy, homemade pizza delivered to you! We live on the outskirts of a small town and have run into similiar situations with home delivery.
I'm saying prayers for your dad and hope everything goes well. Take care, Monica

Anonymous said...

i live in a town in rural montana with 10 people. i soooooo understand how wonderful delivery would be!!!!!

Billy said...

Okay, so I am totally going to be trying this pizza place. You have had great recommendations so far, and I am sure that you wouldn't steer me wrong. As for the groceries, if you knew ahead of time what you needed, I could get someone to deliver groceries to you. From one of my stores of course. Just let me know. We normally do not deliver, but will make a special trip for people from time to time.

Your father and family are in my thoughts. Hope all is well.

turnip said...

even here in the city, I have a hard time finding really good homemade , non-chain-store pizza, there are only a couple of places. (Unfortunately it seems most people in my area prefer chain restaraunts to family owned) What a treat!
Also glad your child doesn't have salmonella, a co-worker just got over it from the peanut butter incident and it was awful...we joked around at putting some of our lab "Biohazard" signs on his desk ...yes, we are cruel...

Rachel said...

I know exactly how you feel! It would be nice to have someone deliver a pizza once in awhile!

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