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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday BlogRoll call

I messed up. Here is another item we can list under mistakes. I have to take my three year old into the doctor this morning, I brought tainted peanut butter into the house. I am not overly concerned that he does have salmonella, he has had "flu like" symptoms for the last few days. But of course it is better to have it checked out. I feel bad that I was unable to produce enough peanuts to last between harvests this year. Guess this makes me even more determined to get it right.

While I am gone, I am going to send you over to a few new to me bloggers,

Gina over on Cauldron Ridge Farm has a paragraph of descriptions for herself. I have been neglectful lately, so I am behind on her posts. She is a compactor, homestead lover and soon to be mom.

Celeste writes over at C's Life. A grandmother at the tender age of 47, she lives and writes on a small farm in Georgia.

Message from my yard
, now this is an interesting blog, full of all kinds of good tidbits.

Walter is the creator of and his own personal blog Sugar Mountain Farm. Go check it out and see if you can guess what his mystery picture is.

Have a great weekend everyone, and remember, it's always best to eat local.


TexasWren said...

What did the doctor say? Is he doing ok? Poor little guy.

Billy said...

Hope all is well. We had to pull all of the peanut butter two days ago. I guess they have found at least 3? confirmed cases in Kansas? Not sure where I have heard that from though.

Rick Rockhill said...

hi I found your blog today and really enjoyed it! care to link to each others blogs?

Try buying Organic peanut butter...I like it.

Walter Jeffries said...

Wow! You grow your own peanuts. I've tried, unsuccessfully. My dad, who is quite the gardener, says it is that we're just too far north here in Vermont. That won't keep me from trying again, silly me. :) I have put in two new ponds and part of my goal is for them to temper the climate right around them so that I might grow some fruits and things from more southern climes.

Anonymous said...

Eek, I'm scared to eat my moms peanut butter sandwichs now. Hope your son gets better, and don't blame yourself for getting the peanut butter. Anyone could of picked an infected one. By the way, I'll have to research about growing peanuts. Never tryed it before. Any tips?

Phelan said...

Wren, it's just a nasty cold. thank you.

Abbagirl, I thought they said 4 but who knows. Luckily mne wasn't a case of it.

Pss, thank you. I will check your blog out.

Walter, yes I have been growing my own for a few years now. Last years was a bad crop. Good luck on your's.

Andrew, Welcome back! You've been missed. I will be happy to post something about peanuts for you.

Gina said...

Glad it turned out to be a virus (didn't think I'd ever tell someone I was glad it was just a virus!!)

Thanks for the shout-out, BTW!

Gina said...

Oops, I also wanted to say that I read an article about a couple in Ontario who grow peanuts for the market! I'll try to find the article for Walter. It's something I've wanted to try here in Zone 5 as well.

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