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Friday, January 12, 2007

Sorry, We're Closed

Currently it feels 3f (-16c) degrees right now. We reached our high over night, and as the sun rises the temperature will drop along with frizzle. {freezing drizzle}

Our dog, Diogee, slide across the deck as soon as she was let out this morning.

The Homestead is shutting down. I need to go and feed the animals, my husband is staying home from work. We gave the option of staying home from school to our oldest, but he knows that if he stays, he works, so it's off to school {though there is a good chance that they well send them home early}. Hot water faucets will be opened so a small amount of water can emerge, keeping the pipes from freezing. The oven has been turned on, so that I can bake bread and have heat when the power goes out.

I am preparing a hot oatmeal, milk and chicken feed mush to keep my birds nice and warm.

If you don't here from me over the next few days, no worries, we just lost electricity.

Great! Now it's snowing! on top of the ice!

Update: I am just now able to feel my fingers. Everything out there is covered in ice, and you stick to it. All chores have been done, now we will be curling up and watching tv today.


Anonymous said...

I saw that coming my way last night. It hasn't gotten here yet....I'm hoping the ice doesn't hit until tomorrow.

Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

I don't like much of that kind of weather, but I do enjoy a day or two now and then. It's been a long time since we've had any of it. Good luck.

I remember when we had hogs, we had to go out with hair dryers every 2 hours to thaw out the automatic waterers. We alternated turns-15 minutes out, 15 minutes in. By the time we got them all watered, it was time to start over. Now that I think about it, maybe I don't miss those days as much as I thought.

Cheryl said...

Diogee, that's hilarious! My husband talked about calling our dog that.
Keep warm, you guys.

Rachel said...

Hope you stay warm! It hasn't headed our way yet. I hear the schools in Topeka are closed already. We have a few light flakes and that is it.

Carla said...

Looks like that cold front is hitting everywhere. It's about minus 18 here this morning...and I was wondering why my furnace worked non-stop last night. I think I'm going to curl up with a hot water bottle and a good book in front of the fire place today. Brrr...

The Fool said...

Go ahead and crawl under the covers and grumble. You can even say that it's colder in Alaska, but that's only because it warmed up about 50 degrees in the last few of days, so it's currently +10 degrees (calm - Fairbanks has little wind). Still, as I noted in "January is the Cruelest Month," there is almost always the feint before the blow. I'm smiling, but I'm bracing for the sucker punch.
If your line stays up, check my latest for a link to some great short films on food & sustaibaility (and many other hot issues). The link should be right up your alley. You can view online.
So, go ahead, snug in and grumble the day away, but get your bitchin' back to the streets soon. ;)

Billy said...

I am in the cold as well. Cold moving weather. ugh. Hope you guys are okay. Take some pictures of the lovely bread for us.

Anonymous said...

We got a nice amount of snow a couple days ago and it will be sticking around thanks to the cold temperatures. It's in the 20s. Bundle up and take care!

Anonymous said...

Hope your staying warm and cozy. From what I hear we will be getting similar weather soon.

Happy weekend,


Anonymous said...

Burrr! Ice? Ick! Hope y'all stay nice n' toasty :)

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