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Thursday, January 11, 2007

I think we're still in Kansas Toto

This month one of the magazines I write for is having a contest. If you have a story about horseradish, wasabi or hyssop, All Foods Natural wants to hear about it. It is a contest and the winner will receive a book called Grill! For more info on it click here, you'll need to scroll down to it.

No, I have no type of gain by telling you all of that. I just know that there are a few cooks here, and I thought it might be of a general interest. So have at it.

It is incredibly windy here today. I haven't checked in with the local news as of yet, so I am not sure how hard it is actually blowing. My home is secured with Hurricane tie downs, so it's not going anywhere. Still the house shudders under the impact of those winds. You get use to it when you live here, and some days you don't even notice. Those that live here long enough only get nervous when the wind stops.

The gate to the goat pen was ripped open yesterday by it. Everyone stayed inside, thankfully.

Some of you that have been reading my blog for awhile now, know that I have very few trees. When we moved here we had something like 5 on 5 acres. We have spent a lot of time walking our fields and replanting renegade trees, buying trees, and scrounging families gutters for seeds. They are far from mature, so we have no wind blocks. The people that owned this land before us, had less of an idea about what they were doing than we do. How scary is that?

Maybe I'll go fly a kite.


Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

I am not sure what part of Kansas you live in, but the part I am in is windy as heck too! I know what you mean about trees. It seems that people in Kansas cut them down all the time to make room for farm land. I grew up here so I am used to it. But after living three years in PA I miss the trees.

Billy said...

Tell me about it! Kellogg was a B**** to drive on today. Cars were going in each other's lanes because of the wind. Whew!

Hope the bad weather doesn't get too bad for you guys. Hopefully you have close neighbors if you need anything. Stay warm.

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