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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Chip over on cookthink asked me a question after my reply to the post about Wal-mart and organic labeling.

As a homesteader, what do you consider “organic?” We all have impressions about what “organic” implies, but I’m struck by how often articles about “organic” food make no attempt to define what it means exactly. Most often organic food is defined what it’s lacking: synthetic chemicals, growth hormones, etc. I’d be interested to hear how you define organic.

of course I answered in my typical holier than food corp way, but what about you? How do you define organic?

You can answer here or at cookthink, I am sure Chip would be interested in your opinion.


Anonymous said...

I would define organic food as:
Grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, hormones, or antibiotics. Basically, as close to nature as possible, with animals and or plants having the diet and natural pest control that nature designed.

Added bonus would be further sustainable practices such as permaculture to revive and balance the soil.

I try to read labels really carefully and keep an eye on the companies I purchase from. For instance, I really like the sustainable practices of the organic cereal company I buy from, but now Kraft is marketing Organic Mac and Cheese. I am not sure if I want to support Kraft in any way since their practices as a whole are harmful to the environment AND people's health in general...

Mutableblue said...

yep, what turnip says...saves me all that typing ;)

Bob Westbrook said...

Organic is a catch phrase that helps sell stuff. We can't be certified because they spray the cotton fields that surround us so will put up simple greenhouses to protect what we grow for ourselves. Like turnip says, all natural the way they grew it a thousand years ago. Takes more work but most things good do.

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