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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Have to run back to the bathroom

Your comments on the incinerating toilet were great {as well as just plain funny} The compost potties, well. . . I just can't go along with it. Maybe it's the years of changing diapers, but if I don't have to deal with poop, I will be one happy gal.

As for losing power, with solar we should always have a backup supply, and we will be getting a generator. The thing is, we lose power on the grid now, and really can't flush our toilet when we lose power. Oh we can, once. But after that, the bowl won't fill up because the water pump runs on electricity. So either way. . . it stinks.

We do have another problem, with a traditional toilet we will have to pump the refuse slightly up hill {as you do in all basements} this will require more electricity, and possible back up problems. I am trying to find away around all that. So far the incinerating toilet looks the best. We haven't decided on it quite yet, if there are other options out there, I will gladly investigate them.

My mother has a friend, she claims that country folks don't get sick because "we eat a spoonful of dirt every day". I need to go eat some dirt, for I caught a nasty bug. And on top of that it's raining. So I will be going back to bed. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the day.


Anonymous said...

A spoonful of dirt a day eh?

I think I'll have to pass on eating the dirt in my yard...the neighborhood dogs seem to think it's a litter box. *sigh*

Billy said...

I love rainy days, but why right before Christmas? Hope you get to feeling better. At least you aren't out in this weather trying to get shopping done. It was so bad last night that I went shopping this morning before work. Not very many people are out Christmas shopping at 7 am. Just a thought if you still have some shopping to do. Stay off of Kellogg after 4 pm. It's craaaazzzy!

The Fool said...

Hang in there. Get back to us when you're on your feet again.

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