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Monday, November 13, 2006

A Weekend in review

I know that everyone is dying to know what my husband got me for my birthday. OK, Ok, He got me. . . you ready? Drum roll please. . . A Kershaw Taskmaster & trout/Bird Shears! It even comes with a bird knife and a holster! The holster is so that I can always be ready because you never know when you have to field dress something, or if another Homesteader might wonder onto your land, looking to test your de-boning skills.

I am being sarcastic, but already ran that by my husband. It is actually a very thoughtful gift. He did have me in mind when he bought it from the Snap-on guy. {Can I ask why a Snap-on guy has hunting gear? I wonder what else the Snap-On guy sells off his truck} Those of you that have been reading for awhile, know of my stupidity when it came to butchering the roosters. {Those that haven't read that part of the journal, It was a spur of the moment decision and I was forced to use tin snips to cut the bird open} The gift is a sweet gesture coming from a work ethical, intellegent, logical man. {Last year I got a foodmill, and the year before a package of socks, so he's coming around}

One of the new chicks died this weekend. We are assuming that it was from the cold. I brought in the yellow chick, hoping to keep it safe this time. My dad {who is now living with us} suggested that we used the empty 55 gallon aquarium. Good idea! It is cracked so we had to move the turtle into a different tank, and we were keeping snakes in this one, until the oldest boy neglected them. I put in some litter, food and water, and the chick. She will be safe in there. But then she wouldn't stop chirping. My husband and I are use to this, but my father isn't. I made the suggestion that we bring Mother Hen in. She had pushed aside the eggs to tend to the chick, and I really didn't want her to be depressed, for having nothing to do now. I went out into the pen and gathered up Mother Hen and place her in the tank with the chick. My word how quiet it is now. {We are thinking about allowing mother Hen to brood all the chicks from now on} They are both content, we just have to allow them to wonder the house once in awhile so that they can stretch out. This is the perfect solution {for us}

The pit bull mix puppy got a hold of my Golden Buff rooster. My husband is asking around at work to see if anyone will take her. I can not have her around anymore. This is the 5th chicken she has killed.

I also made that tempura last night, nummy!

No pictures today because my computer is junk and says that it can't read the camera, grrr.


Billy said...

Sounds interesting. I don't think I have ever seen a live chicken up close before.

You may laugh now.

Roosters look scary, especially after seeing them all of the time on television going after people.

Dinners sounds wonderful. I have never made tempura.

Anonymous said...

Just don't send the dog to me....I have more than enough.

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