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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday BlogRoll call

The Laughorist comes to us from Pawlie Kokonuts. This is a smart, funny blog about mundane {and not so} things.

To Love Honor and dismay is a question and answer blog from Dr. Andrew. Got a relationship problem, ask the Doctor and his readers for a solution.

The New Homemaker. This is lynn S' Blog and website. Lots of useful links and discussions going on over there. A must read.

Wheel is a daily blog from another Kansas gal, abbagirl74.

Enjoy your blog surfering. I have to brave the cold and do some work. My husband came home last night and told me he bought my birthday present. He is going to bring it home today because I need it soon. {My birthday is at the end of this month} I'm guessing it's something for Thanksgiving. I'll let you know.


Billy said...

Well, thank you so much for including me today. I hope your birthday present doesn't require you to do much work. Have a great day!

annulla said...

Please tell me that he isn't giving you a turkey for your birthday. PLEASE!

The Fool said...

Now, now...he can't be all that bad. It looks like he's an HD enthusiast. That's a redeeming quality.
NAIS is becoming a growing concern among folks up here, and I just wanted to say "thanks" for the info from the scrollbar under Articles. Friends are prepping for the counter replies up here, and the info needs to get out. It seems that rabbits may be exempt, so one friend is contemplating sewing rabbit ears for all her animals. I also foresee a lot of "farms" bureaucratically reverting to "just land," and a lot of "livestock" about to become "wildlife that just happens to hang around." I'll give your link a plug. Thanks.

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