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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A spooky night

Last night I went into town with the son of death, a dead pilot and a hyper football player. {We think the football player was on something, we are waiting for the UA results}

The boys had a grand time, running along the side walk, the 2-year-old tripping on things. The sad part of it was that there wasn't very many other trick or treaters out, and most of the porch lights seemed off. The up side {for my boys} was this meant they got handfuls of candy instead of just one piece. Growing up in the suburbs this was an eventful day. Just about everyone had a porch light on and the kids roamed the streets in herds dressed as fancy princesses and ghosts. Now they seem to have a separate day set aside for local stores to hand out candy in a civilized manner. Oh, and let's no forget about the churches that organize the anti-Halloween parties. That confuses me. I thought that's what they did when they declared the eve of "Hallowtide," {All Saints' Day} on Samhain? oh but children out on the streets begging for candy has nothing to do with religion, and that' how I spent the better part of my evening.

My husband is teaching at the Tech summit, and was late getting home. It was a made dash of putting on homemade customs and painting on store bought make-up. We hit the streets around 7 pm. We were greeted at strangers doors with spooky moaning decor or a well dressed parents. {I was crying blood, while my husband looked like a biker, no he didn't dress up} A couple of teenage vampires gave us a heads up about dead doors. Our 2-yr-old neck broken football player couldn't contain his joy. He was great to watch, so much happiness. "Look mama!" We got him saying trick-or-treat and thank you. He also had to spend a minute at each house telling the adult all about what was going on. Our impossible shy 5-year-old pilot who died in a spectacular plane crash in the 1950's, emerged from his shell enough to whisper thank you to people he never met before. He is so shy, and it was hard for him to do. But he always walked away from the door with a smile. Our 9-yr-old Malboro hoodie wearing grim reaper was as out going as he always is, and would just laugh whenever someone EEEKKKKed at him.

All in all it was great night for our boys. And we have chatted up some neighbors about doing a neighborhood spook fest next year.


Cheryl said...

My husband and I had a similar conversation last night about how everybody used to take part in halloween (it was rare to see a house with its lights off), but now less than half are doing it. We thought it was city versus small town, but maybe that's just how it is now.
It sounds like you all had fun anyway!

Parlancheq said...

Great picture!

We didn't get a single trick or treater yesterday. Not surprising as we usually don't. There aren't many kids in the neighborhood and we live in a 2nd-floor apartment. If kids even come, they usually just knock on the ground-floor apartment door.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the boys had a good time. We didn't get one visitor at our house.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had fun. We didn't have any visitors our way...


Billy said...

Wichita has changed. It isn't the same in the local neighborhoods anymore. But, it was nice not having to fight the crowds this year. College Hill was soooo crowded. We avoided it at all costs.

Phelan said...

A smattering of this and that

Cheryl, happy to hear that I am not alone in this. There is another town nearby that does go all out for Halloween. I'm not sure what to make of it.

Parlancheq, thank you. I remember trick or treating through the apartments. It was never as fun as running the streets.

Alrescate, don't you live in the woods?

Elli, I keep hearing that from people. I say we take back Halloween!

Abbagirl74, College Hill has a always been crowded. But at least there is one neighborhood that wants to play.

Anonymous said...

Hooboy you shoulda brought your boys over to our neighborhood! We had oodles of stuff going on, all but two of our neighbors had either a haunted house or punkin' garden of some sort. It was a helluva sight. I lived out in the "middle of nowhere" my whole life and never got T or T'ers so this year was a shock (we ran out of candy a little past nine and kids were still out!)

The pix of the grim reaper is nice and scary...too cute!

Barb said...

EEK! :)

Anonymous said...

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