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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloversary!

Now that I have made a complete fool of myself. . . There were 48 writers that took PBW's e-book challenge. Not all horror, looks like there is a little something for everyone. You can find the list and links here at Free e-books by the challengers. I really wish I had more time to edit, I was up until 3 am the night before, editing until the screen was blurry and still missed some obvious problems. ~sigh~ But now I can rest for a day before NaNoWriMo starts. Why do these things always fall during harvest time?

As you are all aware, today is Halloween, one of my favorite Holidays. So it if very fitting that today is also our 5th anniversary here on our homestead.

5 years ago today, we moved into the house. I remember thinking it looked so big. we moved from a house that was 900 sq ft {1,000 if you included a porch} to a whopping 1,200 sq ft home! Then we got all our stuff in. Not so big.

This is the first home we had ever bought together, my husband and I. We spent 5 years renting before he decided it was time to actually buy something of our own. I just had my 3rd child, and living on a busy road just wasn't working for us.

We are very happy with our decision to move out here, even if I hated the place at first.

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween! I am off to scare some kids.


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween! and Anniveresery! My first order of business this weekend is to read your book...I'm excited! Have a rockin' night!

Cheryl said...

Happy anniversary, and have fun tonight!

Stephanie Appleton said...

Curious why you hated it at first. Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy homesteadversary!

Liz said...

Congrats on the anniversary!
I hated it here for about a week.... cried every day. I think it's totally understandable.

Billy said...

I will agree. The streets in Wichita suck. It has gotten worse in the last few years. I refuse to let my kid ride his bike in the street, just because of all the crazy drivers.

Parlancheq said...

Wow - You are doing NaNoWriMo? I was reading about that on another blog last night. Sounds like LOTS of work!

Phelan said...

Bug, thank you and enjoy!

Cheryl, Thank you.

Stephanie, everything was dead here when we bought it. August is horrid in Kansas. It was ugly and it was a trailer!

Lynn, thank you

Liz, thank you and I am glad you understand.

Abbagirl, we lived in a suburb, the kids just flew through the stop sign. I loathed living in Wichita, not a bad place to visit. . .

Parlancheq, yes, I am doing Nanowrimo. I have absolutly no idea what my plot is. So I am going to ramble for 50,000 words. There is a link on my side bar that will take you to my nano profile if you want to keep track of me.

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