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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My mother cracks me up!

Here is her response via e-mail {she wasn't able to psot here for some reason} to us going underground.

It is true that you, my daughter, were obsessed with "little House on The Praire". But, I, as your mother, thought it was about cute little dresses, long braids, & simpler times. Mother's have dreams too. But, never did I think that out of all that reading would you become the "Cave Girl".
Now, I think you are doing well & the underground house is a great idea. I just think, maybe, I should have had you reading Dr. Welby books. Then again, you may have decieded to become the gardener that mowes the hospital lawns. There is nothing like an imagination.
Living in the basement while the house is being build is not an everyday occurrence, but, does happen. We had thought about it ourselves. But, it did not stem from my cave fantasy. More my escape fantasy.
"I the conqueror of the world, when I was 8, would have to escape the enemy by hidding in my vast underground fortress"
Laura Engells? Your father & I did feed into that hunger for her books. I just was living under my fantasy of lollipops & cute braids.
I take full responsiblilty for the outcome of my children. But, I had no idea the depths of their thinking. If only I could have gottten into those tiny brains & seen the forcast of their lives. Never mind. With 4 children it would have been like sneaking into the livingroom before Christmas & opening the presents then closing them back up before Christmas. (which I did). It ruins the fun of knowing the future.
Laura Engells? Not what I though was under my Christmas tree. But, I love what has come from the mind of the child I gave all those books to.
Maybe, I should of had her read Nancy Drew. I could use a good dective now & then, oh, that's right she would have been the ubscure woman doing, uh, I don't know.

Parents, you have been warned! ~grin~

oh and mom, I did read Nancy Drew.


khouria jen said...

Just be careful of holes being poked in your sod roof! :)

I read all the books for the first time this year. (Well... re-read the first one for the first time in about 15-20 years.) They are wonderful and work well for me since I've lived in rural Minnesota and now live in Montana.

BurdockBoy said...

I would have thought the underdround living was from reading too much J.R.R. Tolkien. I wanted a hobbit home ever since I read the Hobbit. Of course I wanted a Great Glass Elevator too (thanks Roald).

alrescate said...

When I was a kid we stayed in the basement while the rest of the house was finished. I don't remember reading any books that would have added to my enjoyment of that unless it was something about trolls.....

Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be cave girls....


Phelan said...

Khouria jen, ha! I will.

Burdockboy, of course that might have played a slight role in it. But the dugout has stuck with me all these years.

alrescate, I'll have to send you some troll books so you can reminisce.

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