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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Did you miss the apples?

Between the heart attacks and sick child, I did manage to process more apples this weekend. Everyone is doing well now, thank you for your well wishes.

3 deep dish apple pies

chocolate chip, apple and walnut cookie dough

apple strudel

I also wanted to clarify about living underground. Someone mentioned that the idea might terrify her. She described living in a basement or a dirt cave, with no way except one way out. This might be a common thought among my readers, because it is when I tell people face to face. {You guys are so quiet, I forget other's that are not homesteaders read this} Once the house in finished, it will look nothing like a basement. It will look like a normal house. It will not be dark or dank or have worms crawling about. {though that would make my boys very happy} Our plans do include natural lighting. {here is were I wish for a scanner} Those of you that have the $50 and up underground House book, please turn to page 56. The peaked roof house is similar to what we have in mind {though we are going with a more sloping roof} For those of you that do not have the book, let's see if I can describe it.

The front entrance is accessible from ground level, but you do have to walk down earth stairs or a slope to get to it. On either side of the house will be a sunken earth patio. There will be big glass doors that allow us to exit the house on either side. What we don't have is a back entrance.

The house will be done in concrete, because our water table is so low. We have looked into other, more green products. But none of the fit our needs. We are going with cork flooring instead of dirt because of the county codes here {My husband really wanted the dirt, I don't} Once the interior is finished, you will not be able to see the concrete.

I guess you need to check back in the spring when we get started to really understand.


Stephanie said...

Oh now I think I know what you are meaning. I had to take the book back to the library. Is that the house he designed to go on a ridge. The kitchen is to the left and the bedrooms all to the right with a library on the north side ? If it is I love that plan! If not I will have to look in the book again! :)

The Unusually Unsual Farmchick said...

I love your pie decor! Will you be freezing these for later use? Kansas & "underground" houses I think are wise. Although you most likely do not experience tornadoes where you are presently- do you?

Phelan said...

Stephanie, no that's not the one. I will have acess to a scanner tonight, and post it tomorrow. It's just the base idea for what we want. I will have to share the blueprints when they are finalized.

Tammie, thank you. I enjoy making them. Yes, they will be frozen {or already have been} They are good for up to 6 weeks before losing flavor. We hve been lucky and not had a tornado in my area for 10 years, though they have come close. You never know where one will show up. But we do get a lot of straight line winds which can be just as distructive.

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