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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Guest Blogger; Why I like Living out here

We have a storm brewing, and as we tend to lose electricity with storms, this is being posted early.

I like to live here because you get more room to do stuff and to play.

I look at the stars and clouds.

I work in the garden and with chickens.

I catch toads, frogs, chickens and bugs.
mom says he needs to trim those nails!

I get to watch air planes go by and camp and dig a hole.

It isn’t noisy or bright at night.

Gormdragan is 9 years old and wants to be an marine life photographer when he grows up.

Have as story you want to share about homesteading, or being a neophyte? E-mail me at eirennaigh at juno dot com. I will post pics and the links you want.


Briana said...


Thanks for posting! I have a picture of my sister and cousins and myself that looks a LOT like that top one! (My grandparents have a stream behind their house.)

Marine life photography would be WAY cool! My family scuba dives now, so I've gotten to do a little bit of it. You've got to be careful that you aren't just taking pictures of your bubbles!

alrescate said...

Excellent blog entry Gormdragan!

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