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Friday, September 08, 2006

Several Things

As I tend to be easily distracted, a.k.a. flaky {so says my husband} I have several things to discuss, if I do not put them all in one post, I will never get to them.

Let us begin with a recent letter that I wrote the Governor of the State of Kansas. The letter was about NAIS, and why I thought that this program should not be allowed. Her response is as follows;

Dear Ms. Phelan

Thank you for your letter regarding the National Animal Identification System. I appreciate the time you took to contact me about this important issue
Because the federal government controls the NAIS, my office does not have jurisdiction over this matter. I have forwarded a copy of your letter to your Congressman Todd Tiahrt for his consideration. His office will be better able to assist you with this matter.
Thank you again for your letter.
Kathleen Sebelius.

Seeing as it is an election year she really needs to get an opinion. She was recently at my husband's work, talking about how if re-elected she would not change the helmet laws. I am pleased that she believes in personal freedoms, and can stand behind that. She has done well by our state, listening to the majority, and trying to find a compromise for the minority. But this...her minions should really find out where she stands before sending out there form letters. It ticks us off. She left me a phone number, maybe I will call it and leave a message with her minions.


No, not Pearl Jam, though it turned out as soft as they are. I added the sugar in the beginning stages instead of at the end. It's soft, but I think it will be fine. Keep your fingers crossed.

Last night I got lazy, very lazy, and made tomato ketchup with a packet of seasoning. It made things simpler though I feel like I sold out.Ketchup

Of course this picture was taken after this one;
food preservation so far


Why on Earth would I take a picture of all those cans? Curiosity and this post Frugality in Practice over on Get Rich Slowly. I love this site. Happened to find them because of Blogathon 2006. If you haven't yet, check it out. There are some great posts on finances. But I didn't take this picture to out do anyone, I wanted to put how much preserving I have done so far this season in perspective. I still have much more to do, maybe I will take another photo this winter. And that's not all the cans I have done, I have given a few away and forgot to put in the 5 jars of pickles and 1 jar of relish up there.

My husband brought home some canning equipment the other day. A jar lifter and a funnel, two things I didn't have. Wow! They make life so much easier.

We are down to 22 chicks due to various reasons. My 2 year old decided their feathers were not silky enough and poured a full bottle of conditioner over them. 1 died of stress related to transport, and 1, I am not sure what happened. But the rest are doing well. Because of the early swing season I have not taken them out into the nursery yet. They are still in my master bath.

After doing as Blogger said, I am still unable to post photos through them.


Cheryl said...

Thanks for the link to Frugality in Practice, it looks like a great site!

Julie said...

HAHA I read Pear Jam and really did think you wrote Pearl Jam, until I read below. You are just cracking me up today!

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