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Friday, September 08, 2006

Felt like sharing

I am contemplating weather to breed my doe or not. She is stuck out there with two wethers so I am going to need to find a buck.

Looking around at some goat husbandry sites I ran across this one that just cracked me up. Enjoy!

Fias Co Farm:

Squatting & Back Arching:


Ever since we bred one of our young does has been doing this weird squatting thing. She squats like she is going to pee, but then she tucks/curls her bottom in, her front and back legs are very close.... she kind of turns into a ball. It's like she is trying to push/squeeze something out, but nothing comes out! I have seen it 5 or 6 times, and it's getting very troubling. She has no discharge or blood, but I wonder if she's aborting or having an abnormal pregnancy.


Your doe is having what we refer to as a "girl boner", for lack of a better term. It looks totally involuntary - like she has no control over what is happening.. right?

The act you describe is what a doe does when she "comes" when a buck breeds her. It happens right when the buck has a successful thrust and meets his mark. You want to see arched back at breeding; it means a good solid "poke" that satisfied everyone. She is not trying to squeeze out the semen; it really means the semen is on it's way.

We have seen our does have "girl boners" many, many times over the years. We can't really explain the whys and wherefores for it, but we do know, at least in the cases of this that we have seen in our own herd, it is absolutely nothing to worry about.

I am easily amused.


alrescate said...

You aren't the only one who is easily amused.

Julie said...

HAHAHA That's awesome! Wooo!

Justin said...


They don't teach us about THOSE in med school.

Phelan said...

Alrescate, somethimes it nice to be amused that easily, isn't it?

Julie, haha! your craking me up.

Justin, no I don't think girl boners are taught in med school, maybe you should become a vet. ;)

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