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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tired of flaming coffee? blogathon entry # 33

Here's a question, you getting tired yet? ready for a wake up call yet? :) ~one4worldpeace

ZERO POINTS FOR YOU! Tired yet? yes ma'am. And my back is killing me.

Coffee is on, and I am awaiting the answers to my trivia questions, as well as any more questions. If there are no more, than I guess I will have to do a little song and dance. And you people really don't want that.


Anonymous said...

Here's a isn't a very cheery one, though!

Have you guys talked about when/why/if you will ever *stop* homesteading for some reason? What kinds of things would cause you to decide that? (doesn't have to be real specific, just "kids" or something)

Just wondering.

Oh! And do your kids go to the local school or do you homeschool too?? (that might make you certifiable!)

(from buffra, racking her brain to keep folks awake!)

One4worldpeace said...

Zero point? come on, I personally appointed myself to annoy you throughout this thing. And I don't get points for that? Wahhhhh!

Ok talk about saving seeds, or raising tropical plants in greenhouses, or bikes, yeah talk about your bike for a while.

Marina said...

Here's a simple, no-research question:

were the boys good for their dad today?

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