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Sunday, July 30, 2006

gaining points and PBSing Farm aid blogathon entry # 32

Phelan, I've caught up on your entries. I forgot about the time difference, darn it!

So...if you have time for one last question...

What is the most important thing you've gained from your homesteading experiences? ~misstree

One last question, no not yet. I still have 7 hours left! More questions PLEASE!

The most important thing I have gained from homesteading is self worth. I went through a long period in my life where I felt worthless. Being out here, doing all this work as helped me gain the courgage I needed to do this, like send my novel to publishers.

Please, more questions.

12 points for misstree!

And what is this point system I keep spouting off about. I am giving out points willy-nilly like. At the end of the blogathon, the top 5 pointers will get there names placed into a hat. One name will be drawn and that person wins the grand prize!

Can I play like I am PBS for a moment. Farm Aid can not help family farms without your help. Why not Sponsor Me and let's see if we can get to $400USD.


Mallory said...

Okay, I have a question. Actually, a few, haha. Where do you get your recipes? Do you make up your own recipes? And what is your favorite thing to eat?

Mallory said...

p.s. sorry if someone has already asked that...I missed some of your earlier entries!

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