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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Let sleeping Challenges become cheerleaders blogathon entry # 40

So what are your plans for the 24 hours after you finish the Blogathon? Lots of sleep?? ~rarsberry

Rars, you rock! 20 points for the great idea!

Your next challenge has arrived.

See my side bar? See the links under my power by button? Hold your cursor over them. Can you see who they are blogging for? Yes? Good. Now go to each one of their sites, leave a comment of support. Copy the URL. And when you get through them all. Reply here.

What could you win for doing this?

A nice large bottle of Kansas Honey! {if you live some where that you can not get this prize, or are allergic, you can stillplay. Just pick what's behind curtain number 3}

This challenge is dedicated to one4worldpeace, who gets
20 points for picking fights with me via IM.

Oh, and if you can do it in under an hour, I will double your points for each one.

Please remember why I am up for 24 hours! You can still Sponsor Me!


rarsberry said...

You are the sleep deprived one, yet I am confused!!
What was your answer to my rockin' question?

Phelan said...

yes, I will be sleeping, yes I am giddy.

rarsberry said...

How many hours are left now?

bobbarama said...


One4worldpeace said...

Honey, now what would I need a jar of honey for?

Phelan said...

one4worldpeace, I said dedicated...

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