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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Frog strangles trivia in the herb patch, blogathon entry # 39

I have had enough coffee to strangle a frog!

Answers to the trivia questions;

1 china
2 hot dogs and ice cream cones
3 Syracuse, New York
4 "Do not be afraid to bring your wives and daughters. Parties having ladies in company will receive special consideration from the superintendent of the camp."
5 Kits
6 4

Do you have an herb patch? If so, what do you grow, and if not, are there plans for one in the future? ~ merry

I scatter my herbs throughout the garden. Where ever they will be more beneficial to certain veggies. I have dill, catnip, sage, rosemary, parsley, coriander {cilantro}, dandelions {yes on purpose} chamomile, summer savory, winter savory, mints, oregano, I think that's all that came up. In the future I hope to have a area inside where I can have fresh herbs all year.

10 points for that question merry! {I'm in a giving mood}

Ok my overseas friends. GOOD MORNING TO YOU! Here's the deal. I award points when I see fit, if you are one of the top five pointers, your name goes in the hat at the end of the thon to win the grand prize of CENSORED!

Better get to asking those questions!


rarsberry said...

And a good evening to you!!
I will stay here for another, going to bed 11pm my time, busy day for me tomorrow.
I wish you the best of luck for the last few hours, I know you will make it. :o)

bobbarama said...

Strangled? With coffee? I'm pretty sure you meant to say you've had enough coffee to *strain* that poor wittle frog.

That's me being there for you. U-welcome.


Oh, hey, I may be interested in trying for that grand CENSORED prize of yours. Just tell me it's not one of those damn funnel cakes everyone's seems to be shopping around in here.

polli said...


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