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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Ain't no jive cucumbers here!

Since all I am doing is packing and prepping for the move, I thought I would bring you some best of moments. Ok, honestly they are just some things that people have been looking for. I figured if I get more than one person looking, than more than one person is interested. 

Today we will do some cucumber recipes. And since they are already posted from way back in the day, you get a link and synopsis. 


Crunchy Pickles

It happens every time. You're in the mood, and bam! The pickle is soft. What's a girl to do? Stop cooking them! Stop getting your cucumbers hot.

Juice works great for relish as well.

Don't care for sweet, I got your dill pickles right here.

Simple and awesome rolled into one.

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Katidids said...

perfect timing, I have cucumbers ready to pick. Hope the packing is going well

Sandy Livesay said...

Even though the guys don't like pickles, I'm making them this year. They'll be all mine :-) (evil grin).

Don't work to hard packing, and remember to give yourself some Phelan time.

Give the boys a hug for me.

Phelan said...

Packing is packing. So much to go through though.

I can't imagine not enjoying pickles. :) will give the bus hugs, if they let me.

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