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Friday, July 12, 2013

How to tell if you are a homesteader

A man walking up to you, dressed like this, doesn't faze you.

You transport bees


And other "things" in your car.

You get fresh milk in your coffee every morning

You walk 12 miles one way, up hill, in the snow to go to school

This is perfectly acceptable

So is this

Your house is over ran by kids

Goslings photobomb

Getting goosed by a bull is no big thing

Your swimming pool

Halloween costumes get lazy

So does your food

You have given up on self portraits, as you get pushed out of shots.

There are times you get so exhausted, you forget what you planted and where.

And you know darn well when your animals are happy.

I would love to see your version of "how to tell if you are a homesteader".


Unknown said...

Funny, I have a smiley critter pic, a similar swimming pool pic, critters in the cab (DH commutes, so he gets the car), a post-wallowing mud pic, I missed the one of my bull getting fresh with someone's leg... Apparently some things are similar no matter where in the country you happen to be.

kymber said...

bahahahahah! oh i just read this post twice and can't stop laughing! i'll have to come back later to leave a proper comment! bahahahahhaah!

your friend - bahahahahah -

Soapbox Girl said...

This is such a great post. I love all the photos especially the goats. I can't wait to see your new homestead as it flourishes and becomes in Kentucky. :)

Linda said...

I get fresh eggs and go straight in and cook them. Does that count? I am not so lucky to have a pool like that and wish I Patsy Cline lives in the chicken pen. I love those pictures of the children.

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