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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Home on the range, where I don't get to play. . .

It's nice being home. My friends and family have been splenderific. The ramp turned out to be too steep, so they are rebuilding it.

Turns out my walker is too wide to make it through the bathroom door. So they makeshifted a potty in my bedroom for me. Just until Husband can get me some railings in there.

Large, Medium and Small have been wonderfully helpful. I count myself lucky that all three of my boys have stepped up to the tasks. Their futures look bright.

Yes, yes I am well medicated right now. Husband is changing my bandages now, and I am attempting to distract myself a bit. Husband and I have been talking about the things I can do just sitting around. I think we came up with some pretty nifty ideas.

So, you wanna see it?

I have already shown you the inside.


Here's what the outside looks like.

Fwd: Sutures

Not too bad, huh?

20 cm long and a total of 25 sutures.

And no, there is no name for my broke knee mascot yet. Maybe I will run a contest to name it.


mizdeb said...

Glad you are safe at home. The scar will certainly be a conversation starter if you ever wear shorts. I suggest the name "Road Rash" for your mascot. I've had some road rash myself, but not to the extent of yours!

HermitJim said...

Guess this means the marathon is out of the question for a while, huh?

I just knew that the boys would step up and lend a hand! I think that shows they are from solid stock!

Good thoughts are with ya, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. You poor thing~ certainly did not need this I am sure. I am glad the kids are stepping up. I dont have much, but if your family is in need, I can certainly send a care package....
feel better, take your medicine and do what the dr says!
peace, Lisa

Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

OMG see what happens when you're to busy to keep up with your own blog let alone fellow bloggers blogs. So...... glad you're going to be okay as an EMT these are the sort of calls we all grimmic at, because someone is going to be hurt and probably bleeding. Glad they could get you all fixed up, ow you need to take it easy and let time heal you :o) You'll be in our prayers and I'm going to make a point of getting back to check up on you*wink*, especially since the garden froze and we're now in clean up mode, things will be slowing some. Praising God you we're hurt any worse. BTW, you probably know this but comfrey ointment on road rash works wonders and you shouldn't scar either. Glad your husband wasn't hurt any owrse either. {{{{HUGS}}}}
Blessings from The Never Done Far,

Yart said...

I'm glad your home and recuperating! Those stitches look nasty but it'll all heal, Thank the Gods for that. Happy to hear the bike will be fixed. When Grim was in his accident, I made him sell that bike. I know mean wifey... LOL! But I did buy him a new one... so not to mean :o) after all.

Basic Humanity said...

Phelan glad you're doing alright. Good on the boys for stepping up. Make sure you rest well but do your physiotherapy hard! It makes such a difference. Take care of yourselves, hope you don't get too bored sitting around.

termite inspections gold coast said...

Very scary. I can not imagine the pain. Glad your doing good.

P~ said...

Man oh man... haven't gotten around to checking on blogs in ages and this is what I find you up too... I hope you're feeling a little better. Of course my thoughts are with you. I have no doubt you'll be around soon as you can keeping those boys in line!
Best wishes to you friend.

Pamela said...

Phelan,get to a health store and buy some liquid Vitamin E. Put it on your scar there and I promise it will help it heal and fade.

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