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Monday, September 17, 2012

So What Happened?

That is the question I asked multiple times over the past week. How does a couple with sixteen years riding together, a driver that has been riding 30 years, suddenly lay down?

We all have to lay down at least once in our lives.

Sunday evenings we like to spend it at the bar Husabnd's sister works at. I tend to get drunk, husband gets a buzz early in the night, then tapers down his buzz by drinking water. He has never driven drunk. We were just informed that a client of ours, and a friend we had known for many many years, had been found dead the night before. This devastated Husband. He moped most of the night, while I tried to cheer him up. Reminding him that we were to celebrate the life that someone has lived.

It was getting late in the evening and we saw it fit to go ahead and leave. And thinking about the events yet to come, it was best that we had left when we did.

The night was simply gorgeous. The air was crisp, the stars where bright and clear. I love riding on nights like these. It's revigorating. It's the type of moments that really remind you that life is truly wonderful and meant to be enjoyed.

My left cheek was pressed against husband's leather. Rarely do we ride this way, but tonight I was feeling exceptionally loving. I felt the bike down shift to second. I looked up and saw that we were coming up on our turn. Side streets all the way. I watched to my right as we slowed, seeing the halo of the soft orange lights of the gas station. Here is where Husband saw sparks.

"oh god what happened?" " I don't know baby, I don't know!"

I was suddenly in the through lane, 15 feet or so from where I had saw the orange lights. A woman was screaming oh my god in my face, and a husky man's voice was asking if we needed an ambulance. The woman I ask to go get me some water. She really needed to shut up. I could hear Husband standing somewhere away from me saying he was sorry. I spotted his glasses in the road and got up on my left knee, crawling through so much glass. Glass? I remember that vividly. Why so much glass? Had we been hit by a car?

Suddenly Husband was behind me, pulling me back toward to curb. "what happened baby?" I don't know. . . I'm sorry. . . I'm sorry." a man behind us informed us we had missed the turn. Husband held me, rocking, asking if I was ok.


There was something wrong with my leg. It was in the shape of an S and when I tried to move it, it flopped like a fish. Yet it didn't hurt too much. Husband held me. His lips against my ear, apologizing and telling me he loved me.

EMS arrived soon, shortly after the dark haired woman brought me that water. They asked the usual questions. Although I find being questioned at a wreck if I was a victim of domestic violence was a bit odd. I was loaded first. My EMT Audry was a wonderful lady. Her partner helped Husband. I couldn't hear him. Audry asked me to pay attention to her. But I kept asking after Husband. She would tell me he was fine, and sayss he was right next to me, asking for me. The next thing I know the EMTs put Husband and I's hands together, allowing us to hold hands as we always have.

Then to the hospital. It was scary not to have Husband next to me. Just a sea of faces over me, asking questions. So many questions. I tried to answer everyone. It was too confusing. Then I hear that something was going to hurt me, and the the sea of faces smiled and put my dislocated knee back in place. I would see Husband again for 24 hours.

What happened than? Excessive speed? No, we were slowing and in second gear, Husband said we were doing about 20 miles per hour, and had yet to actually turn. The bike never turned. The pivot shaft in the rear fork broke, (also known as a swing arm) we had no choice in what happened once it went. It was a good thing it broke where and when it did. It could have been on the highway, doing 65mph. It could have happened while we where in the turn and slapping us against utility poles.

She dumped us in a better place. And to thank her, she will be rebuilt.

All the glass in the road? Was from previous accidents that was never cleared. Four days after our accident, our bike debri still littered the intersection. Several Nurses informed me that the city has stopped using the street sweepers to save money. I don't know if this saved us, or caused the accident to be worse.

And my wedding ring is gone. I cried when I discovered that. Husband keeps telling me that it is just on object. I know he says this to help comfort me. But my ring. . . My ring, is gone.


johnnyb said...

Yes, you were lucky. Hope you both are doing ok.

carol anne said...

I am so glad the accident wasn't worse. Glad you're home.

Jenny said...

Fate has a way of working things out the way they are supposed to be, Phelan. You never know, someday that ring may show back up. I'm so glad you weren't out at 65 mph, we might not have been talking right now. Although it's really easy for all of US to say that, I realize also that you are probably still in a whole lot of pain, and considering your other health problems, this is not a good time for you. And your husband is in our thoughts as well. I told my husband what happened and he said "yep, not much you can do at that point but lay it down". He's had a lay down before too, and like I said, I wasn't on with him, so I've never gone through that. We are both thinking of you, and hoping things get better very soon. As I said also, you are tough, Phelan, look at what you have already been through.

Fists up, sister, you can do this!
Cyber hugs winging their way to you.

Anonymous said...

I cried when I read this, softie that I am. Your candid replay reminded me so much about my own wreck. I don't bike, (wish I did!) but I rolled my suv off a 20ft embankment in the rain. Yours was by far worse than mine but the emotions are intense. I lost a T-Rex necklace my brother's bought me. It's no wedding ring but I loved it and wore it daily. May you recover physically and emotionally and give that bike a real good shine when she is fixed!

Felinae said...

(((Phelan & Hubby)))

I agree with Jenny's comment about fate working things out the way they are supposed to be. I am glad you are both home and recovering.

Hugs to you both

kymber said...

reading this reminded me of when jambaloney got sucker-punched from behind and bounced off the concrete. our EMTs weren't letting me near him and all he wanted was to let me know that he was ok. finally, they let us hold hands. and his blood pressure finally dropped. so i can understand that you just wanted husband's hand.

honey, i am so sorry that this happened. but you are so correct - that bike giving out where it gave it out was trying to protect you guys from a much worse fate and she deserves to be re-built.

please get much rest, take care of yourself, drink lots of bone broth with ginger, garlic and honey in it several times a day and rest. this is going to suck for a while but you'll get it through it - you always do.

you and hubby are both in our prayers. your friend,

Anonymous said...

15Might sound stupid, but be sure to check that your ring isn't still being safely held waiting for you to come out of surgery.

HermitJim said...

Truly sad that this happened, but I'm also glad that it wasn't on the highway!

I do hope that your ring somehow finds it's way back home!

Tell hubby that we are all thinking of you both and thumbs up to the kids for being so strong!

small farm girl said...

I'm speechless. Just, wow.

TransFarmer said...

Wow, I haven't been online lately due to my situation. I'm so sorry to read about your accident and subsequent surgery. I am glad that you are alive and home. I am thankful that this didn't happen on the highway like you mentioned. Please heal and do all of you rehab. It will hurt and probably make you cry, but push through it. (I had knee surgery years ago.) If you don't use it and push yourself in rehab, you will lose motion in it. Do what you can. Just keep doing.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. And I also think that now might be a good time to put your humor and sarcasm in a book for the rest of the world to learn and laugh from.

Lamb said... sorry you are going through all this! Glad it wasn't on the highway going 65. *shudder* Hope you recover swiftly and you get that bike rebuilt quickly, too! And I like your little stuffed leopard (?) like thing? Does the critter have a name?

Phelan said...

Thank you guys. You brought a smile to my face this morning.

The stuffed animal is a giraffe. Yep, I had the same reaction.

Nurses checked for me. But I didn't get a ticket for stuff like Husband. The ring is gone.

Donna said...

I am so sorry for you and your hubby,Phelan,but am glad that it at least was at a slow speed...otherwise,it would've been so much worse.
Keep up the good fight in getting well again! You've got someone in NH thinking about you....Donna

kath said...

Sorry to hear about your ring, but I'm so glad to hear that you and your husband will make a full recovery. While I was reading this I thought about how much worse things could have been. I had 2 friends who laid down about 25 years ago. One had 3rd degree burns all over her legs, needed skin grafts and all, the other had to have her left arm amputated. I've also lost several good friends in bike accidents. It's scary how fast life can change, but I'm relieved that you are both OK. I'm sure you'll take the long recovery over the alternative anytime.

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