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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Pledges and give-a-way Blogathon 2012

Every year I pester you guys. And every year you step up and pledge.

Blogathon 2012 will be the end all of end all blogathons up to this point.

And you are dying to know why. Look at all the great give-a-way sponsors on the left sidebar.

Fox Chapel, Road Runner magazine, Hometown seeds, Red Barn Farm, Ready Nutrition, And Skyhorse Publishing! And who knows what other sites will show up on the sidebar in the next few weeks. We will learn more about those give-a-ways soon.

I have decided that the set of books from Fox Chapel will be raffled off. To enter the raffle you have to pledge a donation. For every $10 pledged you will get 1 entry for the raffle. You could have the chance to win 2 sets of homesteading, small scale farming, animal husbandry, diy books.

You can leave your pledge here>>>

I will also give you 1 entry for sharing this post, and 1 if you use the banner below on your site. (leave me a comment about it)

pledge drive for pets2vets

Back to the pledges, pets2vets has recently changed their name. Looks like another dot org had a similar name doing something else. But the charity is still the same. The are still saving shelter animals, to train and pair with our heroes that suffer from PTSD, in turn, saving them both.

Love dogs? Love Veterans? This is the charity for you!!!

On June 30th, 2012 starting at 6am I will starting blogging for 24 hours, posts coming every 30 mins, all to raise money for Companions for Heroes. (pets2vets) I never see your money, merely take your pledge.


kymber said...

Phelan - i've got a post up for you on our blog (

i can't seem to get that badge thing to work without screwing up my side bar??? so i put up a link in bold on the sidebar.

i will also keep reminding people about your blogathon on all future posts at our blog and will put up a specific post on the 30th.

your friend,

Phelan said...

Thank you Kymber.

Go here

You should see different sizes. If you still want to use it. You don't have to put it in the sidebar, in the post is fine.

You might just win those books yet!

Yart said...

I blogged about it also...

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