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Friday, June 08, 2012

It's been lazy here

Ah the simple life.

Axle and Alex

I told those two to clean up their mess under the picnic table after they were done playing. This was their reply.

We watched a storm come in

Storm front
Wow, my yard is a mess. Sorry about that. It's the one chore Large has, and he has been spending a lot of time in town. Guess I need to add it to my to do list.

Mainly we have been doing our chores, swimming, archery and just playing.

Murial in the zombie moat

Murial has been enjoying the Zombie moat, Yart likes laying near it. She has yet to venture in.

Yart moat side

Oh here's a story for you.

The man that lives behind horse neighbor showed up here with the man whose wife has been accusing me of starving my cows on purpose. The man behind horse neighbor isn't allowed to speak English in front of the other man. I have no idea why. But they offered me 2 acres of oats for Yart. I wasn't sure if I was to take the offer seriously or not. That's only $150 worth of feed for a $1500 cow. Um, no. The next day, the man that isn't allowed to speak English shows up here, and in easy to understand English warned me about a Sheriff officer that had came to his home about his horse being too skinny. And that I was next.

Well it's been a month, so I will assume the sheriff drove past, saw my cows in the front yard, saw that they have three huge bales of very green fescue and went on his way. But several days later, the man who isn't allowed to speak English, gets caught by another neighbor attempting to hide his horse at the woman who can't tell the difference in cattle breeds home. He was stopped in the street by this older gentlemen. The gentlemen took the horse away from him, and called the Sheriff. They came out, and the horse had to be immediately put down. It was limping and in horrible shape.

Now it bodes the question, why on earth would they offer me feed for a cow, and why would I give them a cow when they can't even take care of their own horses? And I should mention that the man who isn't allowed to speak English we believe was the person that had been stealing eggs, then chickens. Yes, there was proof of it. But once we moved the coop and Buckets moved in with us, it stopped.

Good neighbor and I are now married.

What? What about Husband?

Oh he understands. I got a phone call from good neighbor. He had shot the fox that had been massacring his chickens. Not just killing and eating mind you. This thing was killing 3-4 at a time. Middle of the day. Good neighbor brought me the tail. It is beautiful. But as Husband says, because good neighbor hunted for me, and brought me the tail, in some cultures we are married.


Judy said...

You are one talented woman, one husband is all I can handle! LOL

Phelan said...

It's exhausting. ;) luckily I only see him occasionally and no wifely duties!

Anonymous said...

If I had to be betrothed to my neighbor I'd have to run screaming into the night. lol great story, I loved it.

Your blog header picture just cracks me up!!

Kate @ said...

And I thought there was drama in big city suburbs...

Phelan said...

Kate, if it was any other neighbor, I would too.

Kate@planting my life. Nothing beats country drama, we have livestock involved. ;)

HermitJim said...

Always something exciting going on at the ol' homestead, right?

Wonder why the one guy isn't allowed to speak English in front of his neighbor?

Guess if the hubby is OK with the fox tail gift, then all is right with the far!

Thanks for the giggles this morning!

Donna. W said...

I'm sure it is a hassle for you, but this was totally enjoyable reading for me!

Phelan said...

Donna, it's amusing when I tell the story. However when it's happening, I am so done with it.

Amanda said...

Hi there!
I've been creeping on your blog for a little while and thought I would say Hi, I love your blog, its great! Informative and entertaining, always a bonus haha

Phelan said...

Hi Amanda, and welcome to my odd little world! Glad you are enjoying it. I am still trying to get back into the swing of posting though. You are welcome to comment anytime.

Bob from Athens said...

Hey when you get right down to it, isn't a little piece of tail why most people get married?

Phelan said...

Oh I have missed you Bob!

jules said...

Maybe they wanted the cow for food? Especially if they were stealing eggs and chickens. Seems like they can't afford feed for their horse.

Love the fox tail tale!

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