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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Harvesting telephone poles

Now the telephone pole ( some people call them utility poles) are easy to grow. They tend to volunteer, just popping up at random. They are a lot like mulberry trees around here, they are always popping up where you don't want them. Sometimes you end up with on over abundance, and must give them away to friends.

We headed out to a client's home. 5 acres of pecan groves and telephone poles.


When it comes to harvesting poles, you do need permission and proper equipment. The ones we were picking up had already been harvested as this was not a pick your own grove. We still needed a tractor and helpers.



You will also need a good truck, a trailer, and a rockin' hat.


Be careful while loading. These babies can get a bit wilely.



And that can make you grumpy.


Remember to take breaks and drink lots of water,


Have some pride and show off your massive poles.


If your poles are too long, chainsaw!



Be careful on your drive home, you know, while you drift in thought about all the different recipes that these poles can be used in.


Yart said...

Have pride and show off your massive poles.... LOL! That is truly to funny!

Phelan said...

You can thank Husband for that line. :)

HermitJim said...

I'm sure there is a very creative project in the making there!

Looking forward to the "recipes" these poles get used in!

Unknown said...

I wanna see the " recipes " you come up with when you go back in the Fall to get those dad-gum Pecans!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My massive pole is more like a #2 lead pencil but I am charming! trying to get caught up with my reading. glad to see you guys are staying out of trouble. You building a log cabin or what. the rat

would post more but I'm having
trouble proving I'm not a robot.

Phelan said...

Jim, looking forward to those recipes.

Weldrbrat, unfortunately the grove is to be auctioned off on June 30.

Rat, I have been having that problem too. And spammers are still getting through. Ugh. Yes, you are very charming.

GreyWolf said...

How nice that you have too many mulberry trees. I love mulberries and just can't seem to get any to grow here. I have planted 3 different varieties over the years and just can't get them to grow in my sandy soil. I am totally envious of you in your abundance.

Phelan said...

GreyWolf, here they are considered a weed. Honestly we rip them up. We allow three to grow here, but too many and not only does it become a mess, purple bird poop everywhere, but they will choke out all the other trees. So don't be envious.

Stephanie in AR said...

I am so jealous - poles seem to go to a fortunate few around here. Can't wait to see what you cook up with all those poles.

TiffyG said...

Ok, so since I'm a newbie you'll have to share with me some ideas for uses of the poles. I have a nice little stack that got left on our property when a nasty farmer tire out our fence lines.

Phelan said...

TiffyG, it all depends on your needs.

Corner-posts for fences
A pergola
Walls for a walipini
A pendulum swing
A catapult
Totem poles to warn of zombies

There are many things to do with telephone poles. Anything that needs a log to be built. . . Just make sure you have plenty of chainsaw blades if cutting them up.

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