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Friday, March 30, 2012

Strawberry fields

I was going to plant strawberries yesterday. But I didn't think Husband was done with the new beds.

We lost all of our plants last year, with the drought and the heat, didn't seem to matter how much we watered them the sun was just too relentless. Seems that I made the right decision to wait.

Husband got home and ( we need a nickname for overreacting neighbor husband) showed up honking his horn. Want to get on Husband's bad side, pull into our drive while the gate is wide open honking, then stay in the truck and not make any attempt to be neighborly. I digress, he offered Husband $300 for all of my black belly Barbados sheep. husband laughed, told him that I would never go for it, that he could get the two lambs for that price. He then told Husband my sheep were to skinny all hair. Husband explained that they were hair sheep and that very little of what they saw was pelt. He stared at Husband for a moment, then went no no too skinny. Ugh, Husband came in and said that he believes that they will call the county just to try to put pressure on us to sell to them. I flat out refuse to sell to them anything at all at this point.

But I was talking strawberries wasn't I? I went to buy some hay from down the road, shhh but the price is closer to normal non drought prices. Nice farmer. We talked for a bit, worried Husband as he waited for me at home. A storm was building. The farmer said it was going the wrong direction to get us, I said it looked like it was backing up on us. I was right. As soon as I got home, it began to sprinkle. Out in the field as we pushed a bale off, I watched mama walk into the barn rather than run out to the field to check out what we had brought with everyone else. Mama is the oldest, you should take heed young uns.

Hail, the size of shooter marbles fell from the sky! And not just a couple, it went on and on for almost an hour. Will upload some pics for you later. Husband and I got caught in it, only a slight knock to the top of my head.

Good thing I didn't plant those strawberries yesterday. A garden tip, newly planted strawberries don't care much for large hail.

I wrote a post on planting a strawberry patch a few years ago, you can find it here>>>

Strawberries are rather simple to grow, and do well in a container. Mama bear has a great post on building a vertical strawberry patch here. Now if I can solve my rollie polie problem. . . I have tried just about everything, they still eat my ripe strawberries.

Almost forgot to mention, has me at number 14 of best gardening blogs.


Mamma Bear said...

We had an evil, vile, demon possessed neighbor who tormented us for several years. She lived on the 20 acres joining ours. She finally sold out and moved several years back and proceeded to torment her new neighbors or so I was told. She moved one more time after that and a few months ago I heard she had died. No one who knew her could even feel the least bit sorry. I am sorry you are having problems in your neighborhood.

On a brighter note.... I posted about strawberries today as well!... Papa Bear and I made a vertical rack. I posted a few pictures on my blog, check it out when you get the time.

When my boys were little, I always had to make sure to check their pockets on laundry day. For some reason their pockets were always full of rolly pollies except they were always broken in half!!! I don't remember the answer if I ever asked them why they did this.

Phelan said...

Will be sure to check out your post mama bear. Oh and did you know rolly pollies scream when you throw them in fire? I was an odd child. They aren't actually screaming, but it sure did sound that way.

Brenda Groth said...

try planting them in a bit of afternoon shade..they might to better..bre

Phelan said...

Thank you for the advice Brenda.

san bernardino concrete contractors said...

Strawberries make an excellent bread spread. They have thick viscosity and little bit with sour taste. Thanks for posting.

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