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Thursday, March 29, 2012

When your home no longer feels safe

Around 1am last night, I had an overwhelming urge to post a late night ramble. Oh how I know how much you love to read my rambles. (don't lie, I have read the comments). However it would have been a rather pathetic woe is me type Self deriding. I was feeling rather useless, unable to accomplish a simple task, unloved and ignored. Unfortunately those are some of the pitfalls to living this life, it gets lonely. Few around you live this way, and all you tend to have is those that live in your house, and the Internet. However I was ticked at Husband, so solace was not to be found there.

I spent many hours last night, butchering pork. Tiresome to say the least. I have come to the conclusion that it would be best if I did not run the saws-all by myself. It merely makes a mess, and destroys the work table.

I feel much better today, about what was happening in my mind last night. Sleep, coffee and a cupcake always makes things seem brighter. However. . .

Why must there always be a however with me?

However, a few hours after a woke this morning, my dearest Hooter called. He was mounting up on his scoot and wanted to let me know something before he went into work.

For the past several days we have been dealing with man that Husband fired as a client. He is out right lying about the situation, and is making malicious slander per se and libel remarks about Husband on the local Craig's list. I politely asked him to remove the slander per se and write only the facts behind his complaint. He did not. Instead I got a very long, and in all caps, email about how he was suing the shop. He assumed I was the shop owner, and gave me all his private information. I felt that I should reply, and did so. Introducing myself and my relationship with the shop. And asked him again to rewrite the posting. He then proceeded to post twice more on Craig's list, and contacted me again via email, although I had requested that he not do so. This time he insulted me, as well as Husband. Then attempted to provoke Husband to call him. We ignored it.

Then again on Monday, another defamation posting appeared. I have been printing them out and flagging them. Hooter called this morning to tell me yet another defamation posting was up. As soon as I got off the phone with Hooter, I received a text.

The Text was from the other tech at the shop. He was now receiving death threats from this man. The police will now be involved. I was writing a cease and desist letter this morning, as well as contacting the Bar Association, as no local firms handle defamation, when the text arrived.

Now after the text, I have become a bit frightened. Why? Because yesterday a woman was parked behind the closed gates of my driveway. She did not come up to the house. However when Small and Medium got off the bus, she asked if I was home, using my name rather than, is your mother home? The boys told her yes, she said to tell me hi, then backed out of the drive. The boys however made it to the house to tell me this and I was able to see her car, and another car with a man in it, sitting in the road, talking. The boys don't know who she was, nor did she tell them. I have no idea. Never seen the car before.

I called good neighbor to tell him what is happening. And gave him this man's info. . . Just in case. And I will be waiting at the gate with my rifle in view to watch my children get off the bus.

It could have been nothing. Could have been a neighbor in a new car. However it is worrisome at this point because of this man.

I am wet curing ham, listening to Cannibal Corpse, and my dogs are patrolling the yard.


Maxine said...

Really sorry you're having to deal with this. Have been in similar situations but none of them escalated to a point where I didn't feel safe. Keep the gun handy and the family close. Hope this idiot finds something/someone else to occupy his warped little mind with.

Matt said...

How about waiting in the neighbors yard hiding and when the car pulls up again walk up behind in in the blind spot to the front and take their photo. and get the license plate.

Warlock Sundance said...

damn I wish I was closer to ya'll up there. is this person club affiliated or anything like that? If ya wanna, your choice totally, send me any info on the cat (privately)....

Rae said...

Wth! Sorry you're having to deal with that. :(

I'm with Matt. License plate, vehicle and person description, and a call to the police if they continue to act suspiciously.

Phelan said...

Maxine, here's hoping the cops can keep his little mind busy. Or and the libel suit that will be following shortly.

Matt, sounds like a plan. I just don't want however it is getting that close to my children again.

Sundance, no, not that I am aware of. The funny thing is, why on earth would he send his private info to me when he had no idea who I was. In the bike world that could be dangerous, well in will life. . . But you know what I mean. But I have managed to keep mine in check and we will do this legally.

Rae, if they return, and it is indeed someone I do not know, I will be calling the police.

HermitJim said...

Good luck on the situation. I think you are doing the right thing!

Main thing, keep your cool!

macbew said...

I think you do need to protect yourself and your family. And I know what the law SHOULD say but what DOES it say about meeting a school bus with a rifle? The school would't know that you hadn't just come from hunting but nowadays if someone just thinks something everyone pees down their legs and screams for an arrest. Scary, the whole thing!!!

Phelan said...

Thank you Jim.

Macbew, the bus driver has seen me with the rifle before, country life and all. The driver drops them off right at the end of my drive way.

TransFarmer said...

stay safe

One bolt short of a toolbox said...

Jesus, that's horrific! Yeah, i would be waiting at the gate with a shotgun too. What a bloody weirdo, i never understand why people go to such lenghts to be creeps

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