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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Should have built an ark instead

It's been raining here for four days straight. Did I miss a hurricane hitting Texas? Usually it doesn't rain this much is so short of a period, unless Texas gets it. And looking at the radar, it looks like a tropical depression is spiraling over us.

But the zombie moat is holding. We have some puddles, and a small, thin stream, but no flooding!

The girls are not enjoying it however. Luckily inside of the barn is not flooding. Just the barnyard that they have to walk through to get to the fields. They have spending a lot of time in the barn. The chickens are holding up in the doll house for now. No one really wants to come out. Not because of the rain itself, but their yard is flooded. With all their scratching, their yard is lower then the surrounding land. Something else we need to fix. The free rangers are under the house. My outside dogs are done with it all as well.

Because of all the soil disruption Husband has been doing, all my weeds are slow in coming. However I do have a good amount of young yarrow coming up. I have been playing with it, and have come up with a couple of decent recipes, but want to try one more thing to see if I get that really yummiest one. I have never really worked with yarrow before, except in teas. It is decently bitter and a bit difficult to pare correctly. Curry was a no go. Yuck. But I will try to start the eating outside challenge up again for myself. I was really enjoying it, missed it over the winter. Well and most of the summer as everything was dying. It's kind of nice to get away from the weed jellies.

Been dealing with a rather massive migraine the past few days. So I guess I will keep this short.


HermitJim said...

Don't feel too badly about Texas sending the rain! We got a fair share here, but I think you even got more than we did here on the coast!

I like the fact that even the animals have had enough and are waiting for you to make it stop!

Guess they expect too much from us at times, kinda like kids!

Judy T said...

well... trying to look on the bright side- it means an easing of the drought. THAT is something to be thankful- even through the mud. (I'm glad I'm far enough away that you can't throw something at me right now)

Phelan said...

Jim, oh I don't feel bad at all. Loving it!

Judy, what, like the mud? :D I am grateful for it though.

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