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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Chicken Handbook by Vivian Head (a review)

Fox Chapel Publishing really needs to send me something to criticize. I would say it bodes well for the company that they are able to find such talented writers. Vivian Head is turning out to be a great example.

The Chicken Handbook (where was it 11 years ago when I started my Odyssey?)  is one of the better Chicken Neophyte books I have come across. Ms. Head is a wonderful researcher, and is able to to pen it in an understandable way.   She even has the best anatomy of a chicken I have seen in a homesteading book. No need to run around, searching from book to book trying to find out what the heck the gullet looks like. 

She takes you through just about everything you need to know and be aware of in this how-to. Personally I think Ms. Head is someone to watch in this homesteading genre.  

If you are new to the world of chickens, I will recommend this book. It might help with the frustrations that come along with being lost.

ok, now they do not pay me, except in the books I review. Lately they have been sending me some good ones. Better then some of the other publishers have sent me. I wonder if they would be interested in some homesteading fiction, wry grin.

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