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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What are you doing with them?

Kids crack me up sometimes. Yesterday I took cupcakes to Small's classroom. The first question and the multiple follow up question, was did I make the cupcakes myself. When I answered yes to one, they smiled and excitedly told the child next to them that I had made them. I am assuming homemade is a treat to most of them, and they seem to prefer it as excited as they were getting. I know Small will come home with a cookie or cupcake with only a couple bits in them, telling me they were too sweet and didn't like it. You can tell by looking they were store bought. But my kids are so use to homemade, and not so sweet.

While I was there a phone call came in on my cell. I sent it to voicemail, because I have that option even though I do not have a voice mail set up. But I could see the caller ID. Once I left the school I called the guy back. He is bringing us 15-20 telephone poles over in the next few days

Husband was all giddy. "Wasn't expecting that many!" I informed Husband that the guy said that was the minimum he would be bringing over, as soon as he finds out how many have already been spoken for, we could get more,

Husband's eyes then lit up. "you know what we can do with those? I said I could have a zombie proof fence. Have you seen telephone pole fences? We have some people in town that have one, pretty freakin cool looking, and nothing is getting over them.

Of course Husband nodded. He was thinking about the walipini, and the "ditch". If we get the "ditch" 6 ft deep we can keep my preferred flavor of fish. Husband is all excited about the possibilities right now. I have to get him to narrow his focus and pick one project at a time. These poles are 30 -35 ft a piece!

So I am feeling a bit defeatist this morning. 2 reasons. First we have come to the conclusion we need a bit of help launching the shop and have decided to go ahead a try using the site peerbackers. And the second is that we went and looked at a place, that was close to perfect, except for the carpeting. It was an old post office, everything was concrete blocks, including the floor. We offered to buy the carpet, so we could rip it out and be replaced later, but I got a phone call later with a no. Maybe something else will open up in the next few months.

Do you guys want my noodle recipes?  I know you can find them anywhere, but thought I would ask if you wanted mine. Many go through the recipe page at the top of this blog. Well, I should be making noodles tonight, always looks like colorful streamers hanging from my kitchen ceiling.


johnnyb said...

Don't feel defeated. Faith---faith---faith. Something will come along soon, I'm sure.

Phelan said...

Thanks John. I am actually feeling a glimmer of hope now. I sent an email to the owners daughter, who is the one we met with. Thanking her for her time, and that if they change their mind in the next month to let us know, and that we are willing to pay for the carpet.

I got an encouraging email that basically said (I was gracious) that she wants us there, as she lives next door, and that she will work on convincing her mother to lease to us.

HermitJim said...

Careful! You'll have all those kids spoiled if you're not careful!

Might force their mothers to try baking at home!

Good luck on the shop hunt!

Kim said...

I do webdesign as a hobby if y'all need help. Email me and let me know. Lilac @ Without the spaces lol. Things have a way of working out!!

Kim said...

Lila. Not lilac lol.

macbew said...

I'm praying for you and your soon to be shop.I wish I could do more but in 7 days it will have been a year since I had a job.Great news about the poles.And I would love your recipes for noodles.

Phelan said...

Hope you find work soon. I know it is hard. My husband was laid off a few years back, he did find work though. My partner was laid off in april, that's why we are starting our own business. And no worries. I was't asking you guys to do anything, I was merely telling you what was happening here.

mallardhen said...

Homemade is always better but in our school the new rule is anything brought to school to share has to come frome the store and be in the original package. Now doesn't that beat all. Guess they think folks are going to put something in the food to make the kids sick. Don't know which is worse thinking that a parent would do something like that or the school for being so suspicious that they believe it could happen. Maybe in a large city this might be a factor but in a tiny 202 pupil population where everyone knows or is related to everyone else I don't see it that way. Oh for the good old days.

Phelan said...

I have heard of them doing that in the city. We get notes about what kids are allergic to so we know what not to bring up front.

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