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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Light a candle to stop violence

I am running a bit late, with only an hour left on the 8th.

I do not carry a hand gun on the homestead. And the blanket is my lame attempt at making it more girly. (If I had known about this early, I might have been able to do something a bit more pretty)

Read about what's going on on Light a Candle to stop Violence by Weer'd World

Some people cringe when it come to firearms. Once upon a time, I was raised to believe that guns were evil, that if guns were made illegal that crime would go down. However BTK came into our lives, ('85) and my mother started to secretly carry one in her purse. And then I grew up and did my research. Guns have freed societies, guns have protected us, guns have allowed us to eat in times we might have starved. Yes, some people have done great harm with firearms, but they have also done great deeds as well. Responsible gun owners should not have to suffer and give up their protection (or their livestock's protection) and their rights because of a few uneducated, desperate, or criminal inclined individuals.


Odysseus said...

SKS great farm/ranch gun.

Phelan said...

It has come in handy on a few occasions. I prefer it.

small farm girl said...

Completely agree.

Keads said...


Karl B said...

Nice picture!

Coffeekittie said...

I know this is a late comment and you might not even see it Phalen, but I completely agree. I only have a (pink, lol) air gun for now, but it is helping me both in getting used to handling a firearm (well, it is!) and I use it to kill my meat rabbits and poultry for butchering. I've also used it to scare off raccoons who were taking ALL of my poultry with wild abandon.


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