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Friday, March 04, 2011

Post removed

I decided to remove the last post. It was too rambling and might be misunderstood.

It breaks down to 2 things,

Monday I will have another give-a-way.


I am seriously thinking about retiring A Homesteading Neophyte blog this year. I haven't yet decided, but it has been on my mind lately. No promises.


Anonymous said...

I personally hope that you do NOT retire your blog as I have found it to be not only enjoyable but educational as well.

JenniferO said...

Understandable if you want to give it up, but I hope you don't. I really enjoy reading your blog and I learn alot from you!

First said...

I thought it was a good one :-)

Spudknit said...

I'm hoping you keep going as you have because I just got here. I have only discovered your blog in the last month or two and have enjoyed it and have even winced a few times with you. I appreciate your blog as a homesteader blog. That is what I want to be. I am not doing it for the "green" kick or anything like that and feel way to many blogs get sidetracked with that aspect.

Now it's my turn to ramble. :) What I'm trying to say is if you like your blog then keep writing. Cause if you write, I will read.

Rae said...

I managed to read the post before you removed it. I understand the frustration with the directions some blogs have taken. I have followed a number of blogs for quite a while, and only recently started blogging myself. (I don't have much to say yet, as we're just starting out, deciding what animals to get and what to do with our property, but everyone's gotta start somewhere, eh?.) Many of the blogs I used to read are no longer on my reading list because they moved a bit too far away from what interests me. I agree with Op3S42's comment above. Your blog is both entertaining and educational. If you decide to retire it, your readers will understand (but they'll miss it!).

Bob from Athens said...

Please don't go!!

Parker said...

I didn't get to read the original post, so I'm guessing as to what it said. My response to my imagination is this:

1) You are unique and your blog is as well. No one else writes about the same type of events with the same mindset, and it's your individual twist that brings me back. I don't ask you to change, unless it's to write more about your experiences around your homestead and your animals, cooking and putting-by like you used to.

2) It's of course your call to stop writing this blog, but I do hope you don't - even if it means the posts get farther apart. I'll miss reading if you stop :)

3) If readers are giving you crap about not living their version of "green", so what? You aren't here to please them. I agree with Spudknit about the bandwagon lots of people are jumping on. I do hope it means more people will start caring about their choices, but at this point I think it's just a fad anyway. I will be living much as you have been, not for the exact same reasons, of course, but it's been wonderful knowing someone else is out there struggling (and hopefully having fun too)living this type of life.

4) I've never met you but feel like you are a kind of friendly acquaintance, and will miss you muchly if you leave.


Phelan said...

Now it isn't because I don't enjoy blogging. I have just had a few things on my mind about this whole writing thing. Blogging. . . novels. . . articles. . . just a bit frustrating right now. I have been blogging a very long time. Sometimes a change is good. I thought about ending this one and working on the Kansas preppers network full time, though I have neglected it for a few months now.

any how, happy thoughts as I still haven't made my decision. Give-a-way on Monday people! A give-a-way.

Oh, and Bob, I would miss you too :D

Phelan said...

Parker, your imagination is pretty close. But I wasn't am still not upset about the way blogs have gone or that I am not on the green band wagon, it was more about being ignored by those I had helped for yeas and I miss the "friendships" I thought I had. no biggy, just rambling.

I am not putting away too much food right now, but spring is here so it will begin again. I did can 10 pints of beef stew the other day, and plan on enlightening you all on how to make a wonderful from scratch St paddy's meal. I will post a shopping list for you :D

Parker said...

Thank you ma'am!

Phelan said...

Shopping list posted

SciFiChick said...

Whatever you decide to do, I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your writing. I don't comment much or often but I pop in regularly to see how you guys are doing.
As for writing on the Kansas Prepper blog.. woo hoo!! I've recently started writing again for the Oklahoma site and hope that I can do justice to it. I look to you for inspiration ya know!!
Stay or go-either way I will support your decision. You have given me years of enjoyment (don't I sound selfish!) and I have learned so much from you. Thanks for every thing you do!

SciFiChick said...

P.S. It still amazes me how sometimes a person isn't the friend you thought they were. I know this is a naive way of thinking but...
I've noticed that through blogging I have found real friends and those I "thought" were who have been some of the first to turn their back when a "hand up" could have been used. Kind words and an ear to bend go a long way sometimes.

Alex said...

My Google Reader is backlogged by about a week, but I wanted to chime in. I sure would hate to see you retire. That is of course because of the selfish reason that I enjoy reading your stuff! If you aren't enjoying it though...... know.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully I was also able to read the mystery post before it disappeared. Homesteading is real life. Period.
I come from a military family; raised in the lifestyle, learned to Prep, walked away from that lifestyle only to return to it in my mid 30s.
I have learned so much from you and, while understanding the frustration and desire to stop blogging, hope that you continue.

You inspire me.

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