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Friday, March 04, 2011

Shopping List for Parker,or anyone else wanting a from scratch St. Paddy's day meal

phew, that is a long title.

These items you will need before the 7th of March. It takes 10 days to make a good corned beef.

4-6 lb Brisket (trim excess fat, though leave a bit on)

Kosher salt

black peppercorns (cracked or a way to crack them)




Bay leaves

The rest needs to be on hand the day before

wholemeal flour

unbleached white flour

baking soda



whole milk

bread crumbs

ground almonds




a soft cheese of your choice (shredded)



a stout ( like Guiness)

Cinnamon or nutmeg

cabbage or brussel sprouts will work

new potatoes

your choice of carrots, rutabagas, white turnips, small onions or parsnips (you can have more than one)

See you Monday to tell you what to do with that Brisket


SciFiChick said...

I'm thinking the ingredient list is almost as long as the title!

Phelan said...

yes it is. We will be making several different traditional food stuff.

Parker said...

Cool! My own personal blog title - I'm officially a rockstar :D

I've made corned beef all my life, and *always* been interested in making the "corned" part instead of just cooking it. My son is half Irish so this always a fun Holiday dinner to make for him. Even though he lives at his own place with his very nice girlfriend, I still plan on making the ol' corned beef dinner :) This time I get to make it for real!
Thank you :) :)

SkippyMom said...

Sounds like there is a little soda bread in your future [or beer?] - this is my ALL time favorite meal - they are serving it at my funeral [we've made arrangements ;D] I LOVE CB&C with pumpernickel bread.

Can't wait. Can't make it from scratch this year, but SUPER appreciate the recipe [when you post it] because you can't buy CB all year long [the butcher says it is "seasonal" - bite me Mr. Butcher, it is brisket. Dang.]

So, now when my birthday rolls around in the fall Pooldad will know what to do :)

Hugs and enjoy.

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