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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lots to do before winter

we are hustling to get all our projects done for winter.

Rabbit hutch
put garden away
smoke house?
and I fell through the bathroom floor.

Then there is the wedding prep to finish up. A friend of mine has offered to make me my cloak. Huzzah! So I decided to bid on a dress (as per skippy's advice) So far I am the highest bidder, but there is still over a day left in the bidding. Fingers crossed!

We have to build a platform for the drummer.
clean up the white trash
and. . . well as for physical labor, that's all, besides the cooking.

And all the goats except Zombie have been sold. They seem to be going to a good home. Husband is thrilled to have them gone. too destructive for our taste. I have the sheep, so with the next girl born I plan on working with her so she isn't as wild as the others and hopefully milk her later in life for soaps and cheese.

1 comment:

Phelan said...

didn't win the dress. ah well. I will figure something out.

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