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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's been going on

Saturday we went to the open house at Husband's shop. We just got there as they were loading up the exotic animals. The handler let the boys pet the joey (not a wallaby as Husband said). We ate and hung out until the cops showed up.

Local police, one that has come by several times, looking to buy a bike. But this day he showed up to tell us that hail was coming. Shortening the event by an hour.

Managed to snag some pics finally of the 1st custom Husband built under his own name, not a company.

Picture 004

Paint by Hooter. To see more pics, go to Following the yellow brick road.

Sunday we headed out to the farm. Well Husband and Brian did. I stayed behind for a bit to finish putting up the electric fencing. My hands were bloody and sore by the end of it all. Took me 4 hours to finish it all. I loaded up the boys and headed out to the farm to meet with the men. However half way there I saw them headed toward me, sans cows. Turns out that ALL the cows were gone again. No one bothered to tell me that all of them were out. I thought it was just Undies again. And someone once again put them in that farmers field. ~sigh~ He was at a family reunion so unavailable Sunday. Monday morning, Husband gave him a call. He was ok with us, but not happy with others in the area. We are to put him on our Christmas mailing list.

Sunday we headed out to pick up the cows. He had placed them in a pen for easier loading. Eddie went in first. Took a bit but she went. Husband wrestled X to the ground, he was covered in manure, Husband not X. He managed to drag X into the trailer hoping that Urth would follow. Nope. Didn't happen that way. We got Courage to go into the chute and that's when Urth decided to follow in. Undies was all that was left.

The bull just didn't want to go into the chute. We tried for a good 20 minutes. Finally Brian handed me his little stun gun and said "Shock him!" Well to be honest I really didn't want to. But suddenly Undies tried to jump the fence, He gets held up by it. His front legs flinging wildly about, another 2 inches and he would be free and on the loose! I zapped him. lightly 3 different times to no effect. Husband's yelling lay into him! So I did. A good 4 seconds of stunning and Undies freezes, then slowly falls backwards. Husband is speechless, I feel sick. Suddenly Undies is up. He looks at me, then husband, then walks into the chute, then into the trailer. He turns around and waits for Husband to shut the trailer door. He was done with it all.

Home again and everyone is happy.

We sunk all of this year's profit into the farmstead. Husband is not very happy about it. But we live and learn. Undies will be butchered next month, and we have already sold half of the meat. We will have no profit this year, but next year, here's to hoping.


tina said...

My hubby is working on a '71 Ironhead right now.

You 'fun' with the Undies reminded me of the day my FIL's Brahama broke through the fence and visited everyone in the lower part of the valley...such fun :/

Glad to have found your blog :)

Jennifer said...

Cool Bike! We had friends whose two steers got out and their son "thought" he was going to herd them home with a motorcycle. Needless to say they were wild as heck after that and it took about 6 people on horses to finally get them home two days later!

I just love that name "Undies" it just cracks me up.

commoncents said...

THANK YOU for posting this! I love your page!!

Common Cents

The Craftivist said...

That bike is pretty slick! Love it!

fullfreezer said...

That is one beautiful bike!
Sorry to hear about the cows and other farm trouble. Hang in there.

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