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Friday, July 16, 2010

Starting to wonder if my readers work for the TSA

Because it has been very quiet around here, and I have never had a problem with lack of people wanting in on a give away. ~wry grin~ TSA story

Yesterday morning, my mother and I (and boys) headed to the farmstead. As soon as we pulled in. Courage was there in the alfalfa field to greet us. At first I wasn't sure how she got out, so I rounded her back up, and placed her in the gated fence. Mother and I walked next to the alley way to find the sand plums,, not enough ripe to justify a thing. When we returned, there was Courage out again. I figured out how she was getting out, and placed a t-post in the ground and tightened up the fence there. We decided to hide and wait to see if she would get out. Courage licked the post, and stood there. My mother started playing "Car 54 Where are You?" Large snickered at it, but they didn't get what she was doing.

After a few moments of surveillance it was clear she wasn't getting out for now. But that doesn't mean I trusted her staying in all night. As soon as I got home, I called husband. We would be heading up again to put up barb wire.

Now those of you that are desperate to build some muscle mass, I have a work out program for you.

Take one windmill and attach a long piece of wood to it. Now grab the wood and squat, then thrust. Do this repetitively until your lower back cramps up and you can no longer feel you upper arms and shoulders. Take a breather and repeat.

Nest place a crowbar through a roll of barb wire, and carry it for 1/2 mile while rolling it out. Be careful not to get a barb in your arm. Next stretch the wire, until your back screams. Next start hammering away until darkness falls.

As we were hammering the mosquitoes came out in full force. The cared not that we were drenched in bug repellent. The world turned a shade of rose colored glasses, but we didn't see the giddiness of it. No breeze and the humidity was oppressive. Courage mooed at us, knowing full well she was now trapped, and wouldn't be able to get to that sweet alfalfa. Poor thing. Eddie just wanted her treats. I have been bring treats with me when I visit, but as this was my second time that day, I neglected to bring them. She followed us along the fence, sticking her nose out, and giving me that, I love you. . . please. . . moo of her's.

On the way out, I saw that we were not the only ones with an escapee cow that day. 3 were laying in the ditch next to the road.


HermitJim said...

I guess it's the time of the year that the cows are testing the old proverb of "grass is always greener on the other side of the fence".

Either that, or they are just seriously testing all the limits of the fence!

Always something with the critters, isn't it?

You have a good day!

Donna said...

I've had cows bloat from grazing pure alfalfa. Hope that doesn't happen to yours. Say, for some reason your blog won't show up on Google Chrome. I have to use Safari or another browser for your blog. No biggie, it isn't that much effort; just wondered if anybody else has that problem.

Phelan said...

HJim, most likely both. This is the first time she has been away from her mother, so she will be doing a little testing. Our other cows out there could care less about the alfalfa field.

Donna, I don't think she will. She hadn't been out that long when we arrived (only found 1 pile of manure)

I don't use google chrome. Not sure why it wouldn't show up. hhhmmm. . . .

SkippyMom said...

I was leaving all your fabu' give aways alone because I figured there were a lot of your readers that needed them more than me [they are all so cool!] And I win a lot of give aways - so I feel spoiled. But I will happily blog about it over at the pond for you.

The cow cracks me up. Sounds like a good workout at the farm tho' - you go girl!

Phelan said...

Skippy, I am actually surprised by the lack of people wanting in on prizes. Usually I get more people then this. But it is summer and it is open for another 2 weeks. . . .

goatlady said...

Hey all of us that work for TSA aren't bad. wink wink

I love getting prizes but I don't have a story about bikes or ride a bike. My brother has a bike but I don't have a story about him.

Phelan said...

Make one up dear goat lady, I like stories.

And I don't think TSA employees are bad, they just can't read my blog ;)

Lamb said...

Here's my entry...hope it qualifies, even though it is about an ATV and me and a chicken named Jessica and not about a motorcycle!

goatlady said...

Well lets just say some of them can't. :)

Stephanie said...

Just a heads up I have Chrome and it comes up fine. I have a giveaway going on too on my blog so far only two people have gone for it so I think that everyone is busy!

Kyddryn said...

I'm planning on writing a (probably boring) motorcycle story and posting it on my blog on Sunday, for what it's worth...I'm running a wee behind right now (it's blueberry season, and I'm baking and freezing and noshing and turning blue...)

Shade and Sweetwater,

Phelan said...

I was just being playful. I was going to title this post "I can do it twice a day"

can't wait to read your story K

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