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Thursday, July 15, 2010

win a Trekker 72-hour kit from Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials has graciously donated A Trekker 72 hour kit to be given away during this years blogathon.

So how to win? This will be an easy one. Tell me a story, I like stories. . . tell me about your biker ways, on your blog. Either a loved one that rides, your own bike adventure, or some naughty biker jokes and link to this page. And leave a comment. Can be fiction or non-fiction

If you want to enter but have no blog, leave your entry in comments.

You have until July 31st at midnight to enter.

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And don't forget the other prizes you can win during July 31st!


simply_complicated said...

okay. i'm no biker, and i actually ended up looking up a joke. (if you're not into raunchy jokes, you may want to take a pass on reading it... consider yourself warned!)
I laughed. btw, this looks like a kickass giveaway! thanks for posting it!

A biker named Johnny had an old chopper he was refurbishing. He would ride it everywhere even though there was exposed bare metal and wires. When it rained Johnny would spread Vaseline on the unfinished areas to protect them, so he always had a jar of Vaseline in his coat.

Johnny’s ol’ lady had been begging him to meet her parents for quite some time so Johnny picked her up and off to her parents' house they went. On the way she explained that her folks were a little strange. She told him there was a little game they played while eating dinner and had been doing it since she was a little girl. The one who talks first does the dishes. Johnny had no problem with that, he wasn’t a big talker and he hated doing the dishes.

When they arrived at her parent’s house they were shocked, dishes were everywhere, stacked in the kitchen, on the floor, on the counters, in the sink and the same in the front room. No one was talking at all, the game had become a nightmare! They had finished the meal and nobody was saying a word.

Johnny sat back and decided he would get someone to talk! So without saying a word he got up grabbed his ol lady, bent her over the table, pulled down her jeans started screwing her on the table. Not a word was said.

As the mother brought out desert, Johnny thought, I'll damn sure make you idiots talk. He grabbed the mother, hiked up her dress, laid her on the dinner table and screwed her too. Again not a word was said.

As the mother got off the table and was pulling her dress down, Johnny noticed it had started to rain so he ran for his jacket. He reached in the pocket and pulled out the jar of Vaseline for his old chopper. Seeing this, the dad, horrified, jumped up and screamed, "Alright damn it! I'll do the dishes!"

Phelan said...

Too funny SC. I read to my husband, you should have saw the look on his face. You know tomorrow he will be telling the guys that hang out at the shop.

And a reminder to myself, and for anyone that wants to read it, here is Lamb's entry

Me, then chicken house and an ATV

Kyddryn said...

For what it's worth, Mizz Phelan, I've written a little something over on my blog:

It's a quirky little story from my old corner-working days at the track, where I saw many riders go down...and thankfully get back up again.

The post drops at 12 AM on Sunday, July 18. Cheers!

Shade and Sweetwater,

Jennifer Mulkey said...

Ok, my story. A sad one. My hubby is a biker. Has been for years now (well, since he was about 16, he's now 57). Anyway, years ago, he had an accident at work and hurt his back and shoulder really bad. For a long, long time, he had no grip in his left hand because of it. Couldn't work the clutch. So his beloved bike sat in the garage. He got it out on the weekends, started it up, worked on it a little, cleaned up what needed to be cleaned up. The docs kept telling him his shoulder and arm and wrist and hand might get better if he gave up his line of work. Well, we had kids so he couldn't do that. So he worked and he missed his bike. Finally he decided he just couldn't stand seeing it just sitting there, not being ridden, so he sold it to a guy from Wichita. His pride and joy ( and it was a beautiful bike). The day the guy came to get it, as he was leaving, my husband watched him go, until he literally was down the road and completely out of site. Then he went in and sat down and turned on the tv. He never talked about it much after that, but I know it broke his heart and darn near broke his spirit. He's retired now, and after a few years of not working (he worked at Boeing for years), his shoulder, arm, wrist and hand are a little better, so guess what? We are bike shopping :D YEA!!!! Cannot WAIT for those hot summer night bike rides, nothing better :)

Phelan said...

Jennifer, that is sad. but Huzzah! for wanting to get back out there. Tell you what, since you seem to be in the Wichita area, head to Broadway Street Bikes and have a look around. They have a few older bikes, and the best Shovelhead wrench in 4 states (yes, my husband is the mechanic there)

Yart said...

Let's see.... When I was growing up my dad was the image of what a biker should be. He was tall and wide! He held very strong opinions and wasn't shy about expressing them. He always was in leather and had a beard down to his belly. When he walked into a room the room stopped to look at him. Even though I was daddy's little girl, I wanted to be just like him. He commanded respect and got it whether you liked him or not. He and my mom rode threw most of the country, they saw things I can only imagine. He has been gone for almost 12 years but since he was larger then life, his presence is still very strong.

Stephanie Appleton said...

I'm not a biker. In fact, I don't think I've been on a motorcycle since I was in grade school. But here is the closest thing I have to a biker story. :)

My dad was a tinkerer. One of his many projects was a motorcycle. Many years ago someone donated a motorcycle that needed a little work to a fund raising sale my dad's youth group was having. The bike did not sell. The person who donated did not want it back. So, dad ended up bringing the bike home, to tinker on.

The bike then moved from Ohio to Florida with them. It still wasn't running. And then they moved it to North Carolina with them. At this point my dad did get it running, but never got his license, and was not able to fully enjoy the bike. And then it wouldn't run again.

And they moved it to WV where it has sat in my dad's storage shed for the last five years. The bike was one of a hundred projects my dad had big plans for that did not get completed before he died.

So, the bike sits. A friend thinks he can fix it, and perhaps maybe this bike story will yet have another chapter. One where the bike actually gets to participate in a biker story.

Shared your link on Facebook. :)

Jennifer Mulkey said...

Phelan, I knew your hubby worked up there from your blog :) We will make it up there one weekend and see what's going on. My hubby wouldn't mind a wreck, that's what he's done with all of his bikes, he buys wrecks and rebuilds. That way it is really his. You know how boys and their bikes are ;)

Pamela said...

I'm no biker either but my daughter is!! She was in a crash a few years ago. Her boyfriend at the time was driving and they were hit by a car with a very young girl driving.
The boyfriend had scratches on him and my daughter broke BOTH her arms. It was awful and she has terrible scars on her arms. She also has metal plates in her arms too. Poor girl......

Jenny said...

So when I was in high school I was a total nerd. Straight A’s, nose always in a book, ect. I decided it was too boring and started hanging out with the cool kids in school. I changed drastically wearing leather biker jackets and smoking cigarettes with “those kids” across the street from high school. That’s where I ended up meeting my husband. A biker and a rebel without a cause. I decided for our prom that we would ride his Harley- and that’s exactly what we did. No one else had ever done it and it is something I am so proud of to this day. We pulled up to the prom right behind a couple in a horse drawn buggy and I heard the guy in the buggy say “Man, I wish we had taken a Harley instead”- Hah! It is something that everyone still remembers and I can say is one of my favorite bike rides of my life. You can see some pics of the event here (at the end of the post).

Mr. and Mrs. Hoosier Homesteader said...

We're not bikers, but we have such admiration for a group of bikers. While my husband was deployed, one of his best buddies was killed. He really didn't feel like he got closure and had a hard time dealing with it. Well, someone had posted pictures from his funeral, and the number of guys from the Patriot Guard was amazing. My husband said it actually helped him to know that he had a hero's funeral like he deserved. He still talks about someday getting a bike of his own to ride for the Patriot Guard.

TransFarmer said...

I'm reminded of an incident while out on our ATV when I was 13 yrs old. My neighbor and I had been running through the woods and creeks near our farms when we popped out of the woods into a field.

The field was freshly worked with nice black soil. I wasn't sure if the field had been planted yet. I wanted to go back the way we came, back through the woods and creeks, but my neighbor decided that the field hadn't been seeded and there was no harm in going through it to get back home.

I was completely lost. I wasn't sure that I could get back home by myself, so I followed my neighbor. Just as we had gone through and were on our way out, the farmer came out, hopped in his pick up and started following us. We took off on the nearest country road. The ATV I was on was faster than my neighbor's so I gunned it and passed him up.

The only problem was that I didn't know where I was, and I zigged when I should have zagged. As I looked back, I saw my neighbor shaking his head and going the opposite way from me.

I realized too late, that I was heading down a dead end and the farmer was right behind me with his pick up. I had fields and houses around me, but no where to go. I was caught. The farmer blocked me in so I had no where to go.

The farmer got out and started toward me. I did the only thing I could think of. When the farmer asked me my name and who my parents where, I game him the name of my neighbor and his parents.

I never got in trouble for that off-road trip!

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

I'm not a biker either, although I used to have one eons ago when I was in my early 20s. But I do have a story - a true one. I used to work at a chiropractor's office in southern NH. One day we had a new patient come in that was a biker on his way from FL to Canada. Because of his long trek his back had begun to bother him so he thought he'd stop for an adjustment to straighten him out. When he came in we all noticed he had some body piercing with a ring in his ears, each side of his nose and lips. There was a chain attached to each ear ring which looped through the nose and lip rings on each side, then disappeared down into his shirt collar on each side. Made us all wonder. This particular chiropractor always performed a physical on all new patients so the man was ushered into an examining room where he changed into a hospital type johnny. After his physical and adjustment, the man went on his way. We were all very curious about the rings and chains so we asked the Dr. The rings continued down his body to include nipple rings, rings on each side of the navel and yup, you guess it, down to include the penis. And the chain looped through them all! Gives a new meaning to the expression "You're just yanking my chain"!

Wendy said...

Hey, Phelan ;). I wasn't going to enter, because I don't (and never have) owned a motorcycle of my own, but then, I thought, I really want to give you that link, because I think the work you're doing is very important ;). And so, here's my entry.

For the record, I have a great deal of respect for bikers, especially here in Maine, where there are no helmet laws (for adults, but children do have to ride with a helmet). I always give them as wide a berth as possible, especially when I'm in my SUV, because ... well, I wouldn't want to be witness to a motorcycle crash.

Anyway, I appreciate your keeping us aware of the safety issues. I think being inside of cars makes us feel like we own the road, and that's not a good thing. We need to be aware of all of the other things in and around the road, including motorcycles, but also bicyclists, pedestrians, and even little critters. In fact, I'd, personally, like to see more motorcycles and fewer cars. In my experience, the bikers have a lot more respect, and are less likely to act out in a rage, than those behind the wheel of a car.

Ryan said...

While riding a bike I have managed to run over a squirrel, a woodchuck, a snake, a trout, a child, and a man. I have narrowly missed running over a woman, a porcupine, and a skunk.

I am so glad that my bike only weighs 20 pounds and goes only as fast as I can pedal.

marygee said...

My bike is one I pedal, but still. Five years ago I wsas riding home after an early morning ride, and wanted to take the side streets to avoid the downtown area during the morning rush hour (and inattentive motorists).

Taking a left turn, where I had the right of way, I SWEAR I had eye contact with the car that was stopped and wanting to turn left....but then he started to pull out. I went over the hood of the car, and down the other side. Thank GOD for helmets, as I cracked mine in 3 places. That...and I took off his side mirrow with my butt cheek...the bruise which didn't show up for 3 days hurt like H*ll!

The guy who hit me was a MP at the local Naval Air Station...his insurance company had the nerve to claim it was my fault.

Needless to say, I still have the helmet to show anyone...espeically kids, who think they don't need to wear helmets, "because they aren't going that far." I was abot 1 mile from home, after a 20 mile ride.

TM Frugal Gourmet said...

I don't consider myself a biker. My son says we are not bikers, but I LOVE going riding on my bike and sometimes riding with Russ on his. What scares me? Someone not seeing me. I saw a horrible motorcycle accident happen in high school. It was at the intersection of NE 70th and 116th Ave.. The driver's leg was almost completely torn off, both the driver and rider flew off the bike. The lady driving didn't see them. I DID. My mom who was driving our car didn't see them. I DID. My mom said, oh crap there was an accident where is it, as I was yelling "right in front of us pull over they need help!!" I was the ONLY witness that saw everything. This lady turned left in front of the bikers, and almost killed them. There was a court case too. Now there are left turn signals at the intersection.

Delirious said...

It just so happens that I recently blogged about this. Here is the link! :)

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