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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Farm Stay USA

I probably wouldn't have found this site, if they hadn't of mentioned me. But it is similar to what I hope to do on the farmstead someday.

Farm Stay USA is where you can find farms that let out rooms or cottages for your vacation. Go check it out.

Homestead news, even though I am giving back most of the sheep, I sheared the one wooly. I knew she would never be sheared by the neighbor across the way, so yesterday in 114F heat index, I spent an hour shearing. She isn't the prettiest looking thing right now, but will be cooler and alive. Sweat really burns when it drips into your eyes. Maybe sweatbands should make a comeback.

Going Green in Illinois is having a Choose Your Homesteaders Adventure contest. She's giving away homemade soap and bath salts!

Ok off to process cucumbers, peaches, and tomatoes.


Ma said...

I'm glad your shearing went better than mine did!
And I hope you get through all your processing. It's a wonderful thing to watch the jars fill up.

Anonymous said...

Glad the shearing was a success - happy canning! Oh, and thank you for sharing the Farm Stay and giveaway info.

Scottie said...

Thanks for mentioning us! I should have said something when I included a link to your blog on our new site. You linked us correctly (thanks!) but just to correct, we are Farm Stay U.S. (farm stay usa domain wasn't available) Hosting guests on your farm gives them a chance to experience what you do everyday. Also helps pay for the barbed wire fencing you just stretched.

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