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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I don't accept any excuses

I put everybody to work.

Our Buddy Brian came out yesterday. He comes out every Monday.

Picture 1137

This day he decided not to do nothing, while he watched husband in the garden. He grabbed the machete and went to work.

Picture 1136

He was telling us that when his parents lived in Brazil, a couple of men would come by twice a week to mow the lawn using nothing but machetes.

Then at one point Brian looked at Husband and asked him to roll him over there. "Because I'm a push mower." he laughed.

I am glad he still has his humor.

We talked about getting him a Mountain Pony to pull him around the Farmstead, he thought that was great.

Brian is one of the reasons I am raising money for The Downed Bikers Association. If you have yet to read his story, you can find it here.


The Fool said...

No one keeps their sense of humor like bikers.

Lilithcat said...

Glad to see he's not letting his physical limitations get him down.

Saw a close call today on the expressway. I'd been keeping my eye on a motorcycle behind me, as we were on a ramp where multiple lanes narrow down. A trucker decided to change lanes and put his semi in the space already occupied by the biker. Fortunately, the guy had good reflexes and room to maneuver, but it could have been bad.

It surprised me a bit, because usually truckers are pretty careful drivers.

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