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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In the Dark, Peeing with X Bunnies

Can you tell the difference?





I was painting the hallway at the farmstead, white. No electricity, no windows in that area. The white has brightened it up a bit. And yes, I am painting wood paneling.


X is looking good. He seems happy and busy.

pee tree

You saw the bathroom at the farmstead. There is a little traveler potty. A composing outhouse is in the plans but for now the above tree is perfect for peeing. No really. I thought you guys were just dying to see it.

After we left the homestead for the farmstead, we stopped at a store. I opened the back of the car to put the bought items in. Out came 6 quarts of canned pickled, crashing to the pavement. Mom was upset, but I told her to look, it was only 2 jars, not all of them. I cleaned up the glass and the now useless pickles and put them in a grocery bag. As I was putting them into the trash can, I discovered that the entry hole was a bit too small. Now the peat moss bags are covered in blood.

The cut is deep and long. I could move the flesh around the bone easily. I needs a stitch or two (three would be my guess). I wrapped in in Kleenex. My mother wanted to stop at an ER. I waved her on, we have what we need at the farm. Turns out we didn't though. Mom had nothing for stitches. And she says she doubts she would be able to sew any one's flesh up. We still need stuff for stitches out at the farmstead. We poured clean water on it, and I bit my lip to keep from cursing in front of my mother. It burned! Then some peroxide. But the vinegar and salt had kept the wound clean. I also had to pucker the wound out, as it was trying to curl inward. It will be a good scar. (still burns a bit this morning)

Picture 1141

I wasn't home 10 minutes, when the phone rang. There were rabbits at the shop.

Picture 1145

Free range rabbits. But the are very docile. We received 7 yesterday and the guy says there are more on their way. And I didn't have to pay or barter for them.


KF-in-Georgia said...

When you don't have stuff for stitching up wounds, try butterfly bandages. You can make them yourself by cutting the bandage tape skinny at the part that will cross the wound, fatter at the ends that need to stick to your skin. Try one butterfly bandage per "stitch." Then, of course, gauze and stuff over all that.

And, if you didn't know, no more peroxide. It's good for cleaning out a wound, but it will harm new skin that's forming.

Take care of yourself.

Casie said...

What breed of rabbits are those??

We just started with rabbits here, not free ranging though. There were 6 New Zealand bunnies born yesterday!

Do you plan on raising them for meat?

Anonymous said...

The farmstead is looking great - I am envious! Not of the wounded finger though; sounds xtremely painful. Do not know that I could stitch someone's finger thought sounds like something I need to learn to do. KF is correct, peroxide is non chlorine bleach so great for fresh wound cleaning, not so good for new skin growing.
Keep us posted on the finger!

HermitJim said...

Sorry to hear about the cut! Glad to hear about the rabbits!

Sort of a good news, bad news thing...huh?

Have a great day now!

Phelan said...

I only used the peroxide once, for the first cleaning, haven't used it yet.

Not sure what type of rabbits they are yet. They were free ranging when we got them. They will be contained here however.

They will be raised for meat.

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