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Friday, June 19, 2009

Keep me and I'll Be ok

Last night I took Medium and Small to learn how to milk. They have been pestering me about this for a while now. But Small can be a handful, and I didn't want him startling the cows. Mama was up for milking, and she isn't a kicker when it comes to milking (do anything else, like brush the flies off of her however. . . ask husband) So we go our hot water and pail and headed out in the dark. They were excited about it.

Mama was in the barn, waiting, and as soon as she saw us, stood and entered the Stanchion. I had the boys go on the far side, where her udders were a little easier to draw from. And showed them what to do. Each boy grabbed hold of a teat and started squeezing, nothing happened. They were getting discouraged. I reached over and milked her down a bit, trying to make it a little easy. Suddenly there was a whoop of joy as both boys were able to get some milk flowing.

They were so happy about it. So I did what any good mother would do, I squirted them with milk. "EeEEWWW! It's warm!" ~giggle~ "MAAAHHM" Now they are determined to get better at it, so they can get me back. Medium has announced that he will be milking the cows at the Farmstead, that is the chore he wants. Small was so excited, when husband came in he told him all about it, except for me squirting him. Small says that when he gets grown up, he will do it all by himself. I love it when they learn something new and actually enjoy it.

My ramble yesterday was introspective, and I offered to talk about more positive things about myself today, in the comment section. There is just so many wonderful things about me that I don't know where to start. (should I wink here? ha!)

I do have some negative personality quirks, being more pessimistic than optimistic, but I do tend to be motherly toward friends that need it. I'll drop what I am doing for a friend in need. When husband and I lived in the city, his friends would show up in the middle of the night. All of them were junkies, but I would tend to them, and feed them. One time I woke as the sun just broke and saw a car sitting in our driveway. Snow littered the ground, and I saw someone huddled in it. It was one of husband's close friend. I was very pregnant at the time, and wobbled my way out with a heavy blanket, and carefully covered him. Then proceeded to make him a breakfast, which he shortly came in for.

I am a person that prefers to think the best in people. I got rid of many of husband's "friends" that I just knew were only using him for his drug hook-ups. But there were a few that I was never mean to, or threatened. And even though they were always high, there was just something there that I knew was good. All of them are clean now. It took them longer than husband, but the all grew up to be remarkable men.

I say grew up, but they are all older then me, I was only a teen at the time, and they were all in their 20's. But I was the responsible one at the time.

I am flaky, but I actually like that about myself. It has lead me to try new things. Unfortunately it has taken awhile to get to the point where I found something that I truly enjoy.

I can spin a good taradiddle. I could use work on my editing skills, but I enjoy words, I like putting words together in a way no one else has. Using imagery in a way that creates a picture rather than just print on a page. I kind of put my novel writing aside for now. Mainly the problem is I like getting to the point. The only criticism I have received about my novella's that have been sent to editors, is that it is a novella, and they don't sell. "You need to add another 30,000 words." And for those of you that don't know, I want to be a horror writer. Now you see why my butchering tales are so detailed, heehee.

I am always with my children. Now this might not sound like it should be on a list of positives. I mean you have kids, and you are suppose to be with them. Unfortunately there are too many mother's around us that prefer to pawn their kids off every chance they get. I will admit there are days I wish I could send them away, but I don't.

I am loyal to friends and my husband. It takes a lot of wrong doing for me to break off a friendship, and even if I haven't talk to someone for awhile, for various reason, I still will drop everything to help them out.

I adore my husband, even when he has done all kinds of wrong, I still melt from his kiss. I am fiercely defensive of him and back him in any plans he makes. I have always stood strong right next to him.

I am a good shot, with a gun, bow and knives, as well as some pool.

I am not afraid to work hard for what I want, I might complain about it, but I still do it.

Is that enough positive stuff? I'll give you guys a chance, what do you want to know about me?


Anonymous said...

You ARE a GOOD friend, wife, mother and woman. Don't let anyone tell you different!

Wendy said...

I think it's a good thing when a person can ennumerate her positive qualities ;).

I liked the comment "I'm with my children all the time", because I'm the same way. I work-from-home and my children have always been homeschooled. So, we're together almost 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When they aren't with me, it feels like something's missing, because ... well, it is ;).

My kids aren't perfect - neither am I (thank goodness!) -, but they are amazing, and I can't imagine my life being any better than it is :).

HermitJim said...

I think that about covers it for now...and I like all that you said!

Just about as I pictured you. I thank you for sharing that bit of you with us!

April Bourgois said...

I like you more with every post, lady! And those kids of yours sound like a hoot... rare that!

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