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Monday, June 29, 2009

Except for the massive Migraine

It was a pleasant weekend.

I smoked some skull cap for the migraine. It didn't get rid of it like my friend claimed it would, but it did help me sleep and kept me asleep a little longer than normal.

Skull cap is in the mint family. But when smoking it, it tastes a bit like a whole other herb. So I went in search of what exactly skull cap is all about, and my side now hurts from laughing. (all the bad kids know why) I found out why it didn't help my migraine, I don't have nervous headaches, or stress headaches. Mine is a chemical imbalance. But it helped me sleep, and that is usually the best thing for my migraines. Go here to see what all skull cap claims to be able to do.

We have a pepper! And several squash are coming in. All the tomatoes have blossoms, and a finally have cucumber up. The bloody Butcher corn I planted came in fast. It will be knee high by the 4th.

oh! Coffee's done. I am late getting up this morning. I was up late last night, trying to get some of the things done that I couldn't with the migraine, and with the heat. But it is only suppose to be 90 F today. I should be able to get a bunch more done.

I was just chatting with husband, he says in theory that the skull cap should help my restless leg syndrome. I told him the next time I get jumpy, I will try it and see. Does anyone want to know if it works for me?

As soon as I am done with my first cup o' coffee, I need to go milk. Some days I am just not motivate to go out there. I really dislike that part of myself, but I force myself to go. It's only 30 minutes out of my day, and it's not like I have a bunch of other things to be doing. I milk, working in the garden until it gets too warm, then I do inside chores and play with the boys until it starts to cool back off and then go out and work in the garden and milk again. Life can get a bit boring at times. I think that's why I am looking forward to this party. Melissa, you guys still coming?

We actually have enough money to buy groceries this week. WHOOHOO! I need something in my diet besides pork. Seems like that's all we have been eating for the past month.


alrescate said...

Be careful out in that heat!

Donna said...

I too, suffer from migraines,and had one Sunday and yesterday. I take Excedrin Migraine,but if you don't take it at the right time during the headache,it doesn't work. Sleep can usually help. I am growing lavender,and it is suppose to help with headaches. I will let you know what I find. I have started a blog recently about living more simply and our struggles with my husband's PTSD and mild traumatic brain injury from his tour in Iraq. It's Little Cottage in the Country-
I enjoy your blog and have it posted on mine.
Take care,Donna

Laurie said...

Have you tried a bar of soap under the sheets for the restless leg thing? I keep seeing that in the People's Pharmacy column.

Also, my herbalist friend recommends chewing a leaf of feverfew for migraine, but it doesn't work for me.

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