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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I don't know

I am sitting here staring at my vampire skull that my boys decided looks better on my computer desk rather than on my bookshelf amid the horror novels.

Good neighbor brought over some pepper plants that were started a tad late, last night. They look good. Got them in the ground in various places. Don't think my garden can hold much more.

I keep getting invites to facebook, 12 to be exact. So I guess I am on facebook now. Do I do a little dance or something?

We decided or our math decided for us, that Uma should calf in the beginning of July. Eddie should calf the beginning of August. We should have paid better attention, but to be honest we didn't realize that Uma was old enough to go into heat when we had the bull over for his visit.

Yesterday I sent the boys on a mission. Get the dog collar around Courage. That didn't work. For credit, they did try. Husband got a hold of her with a lasso. We got her down, and as I tried to get the collar on, Murrial jumped the fence to save her baby. We had to stop at that point. I have learned my lesson, as soon as the pop out, collar on, next day, start dragging them around. The next two calves should be easier to get near, because their mom's are comfortable with us. Poor husband, he did a wonderful flip and roll while holding onto Courage.


Anonymous said...

No happy dance required for Facebook. I'm listed and did send you an invite; do not spend much time there tho. You'll find me here before there. I signed up so I could 'farm'. LOL

The Fool said...

I got invited (conned) into joining the FB entourage too. It's rather lame as a creative vent, but since I'm currently on a blogging hiatus it does help to keep me connected with a few folks while transitioning 'tween here and the next there.

The Thinker said...

I would like to have seen those rodeo moves. There's not much funner than watching people chase livestock.

I finally joined facebook under an assumed name so my family members would quit giving me grief about it. I never use it, though. I feel like I am at the circus when I go there. Too much to see at once. :)

HermitJim said...

Well, I guess that's one way to get your exercise for the day!

Hope DH isn't sore! Some of those ancy moves aren't as easy as we get older!

Janelle said...

I'm dying to see Uma's baby!! Looks like Lot will be headed to the butcher in September, I don't want to jump through more hoops and additional expense to keep him registered and that's the only way to keep him marketable as a bull, but I will not make my money back. So beef it is.

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