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Saturday, June 27, 2009

And it's off to the Senate

Cap and Trade aka American Clean Energy and Security Act has passed the house. You can find those that voted to pass it over here. Personally if any of my Representatives were on that list, I would write them and inform them that I would not be voting for them again.

And why wouldn't I vote them in? Because cap and trade is a farce. It wasn't created on scientific study, it was created on who has stock in what companies, and who stands to make a pretty penny. Even Greenpeace released a statement;

"Since the Waxman-Markey bill left the Energy and Commerce committee, yet another fleet of industry lobbysists has weakened the bill even more, and further widened the gap between what Waxman-Markey does and what science demands. As a result, Greenpeace opposes this bill in its current form. We are calling upon Congress to vote against this bill unless substantial measures are taken to strengthen it. Despite President Obama’s assurance that he would enact strong, science-based legislation, we are now watching him put his full support behind a bill that chooses politics over science, elevates industry interests over national interest, and shows the significant limitations of what this Congress believes is possible."

You can read the entire statement here at their website.

See Greenpeace doesn't think this bill is science based.

Some have the expense to consumers at $170 more a year. Unfortunately this doesn't take in the effect of the trickle down effect. Everything will have an added price to it, from food to tp, the estimates are more like $1800 a more per year for a family of 4. I don't have that much more to spend on everything.

This bill wants me to stop using my truck because it is a gas guzzler. I have to have a truck, no if's and or buts about it. I have to move feed and livestock. We have a car, and our motorcycle is being converted to be able to use 1 part gas 2 parts alcohol, we can't do much more than this. And I don't want to acquire more debt in that Cash for Clunker scheme.

If you feel the way I do about this, might I suggest you write to your Senators. I know they are on break, but let's welcome them back with our will.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My congressman voted against this bill and for that I sent him a thank you. Now I am going to write my senators and urge them to vote against this bill.
Thank you for the heads up!

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