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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

And they'll never, be the same

We worked long and hard yesterday and almost got the garden completely finished. The drainage system is taking the longest, but hopefully will be worth it, and I won't lose over half my produce to flooding this year.

My mother wants to come out and help me shear Donkey today. Really? I don't think she realizes how long it takes for amateurs to shear a sheep. It took us 4 hours to shear the angora, I have no idea how long Donkey would take. I think I would rather have the men around to do it. Probably this weekend, when my husband and little brother around. If I didn't have hand shears, I would be up for it. But I don't, so I don't wanna.

Saturday night or Sunday morning, however you look at it, at 145 am. Husband and I were watching a movie when our dog, Link, sounded the alarm. Something was here that shouldn't be here. I looked out the door and something was out in the field across the way. Husband grabbed the gun in case it was something that wanted to eat us, or the sheep that lived in the fenced in part of said field. We got over there and it was the sheep on the loose. Turns out that the donkey (an actually donkey, not a sheep named donkey) had figured out how to open the gate, and let every one out. We got them back in, and husband walked the open fields to see if any one was left out. I told the owners what had happen. Yesterday afternoon, I got home and heard a lamb bleating. I looked across the way and it was out of the fence. Not a surprise because those little ones are slippery and can get through field fencing. As I walked up the drive to my house, I just happened to look over at the horse neighbor's to discover 20 sheep, 2 goat, and a donkey in his front yard. Wonderful! I yelled for husband, went in the house to call the neighbor that now lives in the city to tell him that his animals were on the loose again. Then we rounded every one back up. I was given $20 from now city neighbor for my shepardressing.

Now they really need to secure that gate.

Melissa's Ramblings
has graciously donated 2 Longaberger baskets for the Blogathon raffle. Very cool. I am trying to get her to post photo's so I can link to it. Thank you Melissa's Ramblings!


Jessica said...

Now if you could just get on their regular payroll...

HermitJim said...

You are just a very handy neighbor to have around! Always something, isn't it?

In case I haven't mentioned it for a while, I truly enjoy your blog!

Keep up the great work...

Anonymous said...

Phelan what are you using to hand shear with? Scissors will take for fricken ever!
If you don't own a quality set of hand shears (burgen and ball is one brand) that cost about $35 ish dollars you should absolutely invest in them. Good for other livestock too. I am assuming you also know how to keep them sharp of course. I would be surprised if you didn't ;-D
The first time I used mine I cut my time to about a 1/3 of what I had been doing with scissors. Well worth the money---and they help your back since you won't be there as long.

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