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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm tired of disclaimers

Before I start today's tale, I have to warn you against trying this at home. Or do not do unless you have been taught by a professional, or you are desperate because people can't keep their word and things had to be done.

Two different farriers have broken their word. One would think in their line of business they would keep appointments, because word of mouth is important. At least word of mouth is what brought me to call them in the first place. But it isn't the first time, and bound not to be the last time I was forgotten about. Sure something could have come up, they got distracted, what ever, but they could have called. Sam's hooves were desperate for attention however, they were starting to crack.

We have watched farriers over the years, for various reasons. And a couple years back we had bought a farrier kit. It has been sitting gathering dust. Yesterday I was getting very concern about Sam, hoof damage was likely if something wasn't done.

Husband agreed, and so last night when he got home from work, we cut Sam's hooves. Of course this was our first time actually doing it, not just watching. Sam was wonderful for us. She stood and closed her eyes, either sleepy or bracing for pain. We are not as fast as the professionals, nor as brave. We probably could have trimmed the hooves shorter, as we still hadn't seen the light pink of new growth, but the are trimmed up nicely and the cracks are gone. That was the important thing. If the cracks were too high, she might come up lame.

Now I would tell you step by step, but I am not in the mood to. The info is easy to find. And as I am not a professional at it, you can bet someone would leave not very nice remarks about my telling you. And I am grumpy. I am forced to quite smoking, no smokes makes Phelan a grumpy gal. Just can't afford that one and only addiction that I have. I will do my best not to be sharp with anyone, but this is a head's up.

Sam's happy. I don't remember if I told you or not. Sam's paperwork has her name listed as Seminole Wind. Kind of pretty if you ask me. She managed to sneak past my husband yesterday. Went and visited some neighboring horses. She ignored me and my treat bucket, but we finally got her wrangled and back home. That will teach hubby to leave the gate open too long.


Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

To think I thought it was just Montana farriers that were independent, how refreshing know it's a problem elsewhere. Sorry you got stood up though.

We fought off and on for three years trying to get a farrier to show up,never mind that they were NEVER on time, to trim our Fjord.
The last straw was when I'd called the day before and the farrier set it for 8am the next morning, on his way to work( he's sheriff, full time) Never the less he didn't show, so I called his cell, no answer, so left a message wondering if he was on an emergency call of some sort and to please get back to us ASAP. Anyhow, he never did call! *Grrrrr* So we too had the equipment and delved into it ourselves, just as you said, slowly and many nips later his hooves looked great and we've been doing it ever since.

I truly don't understand how stopping to trim one horse, making$35($30 +$5 tip) for 10-15 minutes worth of work is such a hassle. We've always been told, "Well you only have one horse, it isn't worth my time" Since when is $120( not counting tips) an hour not worth their time, Go figure? I think there will be a day when they'll regret treating people with only one or two horses that way. Okay, RANT over!

The Thinker said...

Good on ya, lady, for learning to do something new for yourself. It's frustrating when you can't eve pay someone to do something that needs doing.

Sorry you had to give up the smokes. (Well, I won't lecture you on the health implications. But you know what I mean.) I'm a former smoker myself.

I have a cousin who, when she tried to give up smoking--within ten hours or so, we were all begging her to let us go buy her a carton of cigarettes. She was downright nasty!

Donna. W said...

If I ride Blue often enough, his feet stay trimmed from the rocks and gravel, except for the front parts of his front hooves. Cliff trims those himself. About once a year, I have a farrier out.

ablom said...

Congrats on the Farrier skills. Just another thing you don't have to pay for - and that's improving the enterprise big time - a little at a time.

Good luck with the not smoking thing. It is a hell of an addiction. One day we will be surprised that people actually did it.

If it was easy to do everyone would have stopped a long time ago. But it is possible - I was a two pack a day, four on weekends, guy 15 years ago - and If I can quit I know you sure can.

Just try and be as gentle on yourself as you can be - you just don't need the added agravation.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the new skill and difficult challenge. Having never smoked I cannot imagine what it is like. Have heard that kicking a heroine habit is much easier than stopping smoking. Hmm, heroine is illegal while smoking is legal? Bizarre.

Irma said...

Good luck with the smoking, I feel your pain. Why do the stu[pid, self defeating things have to be so damn enjoyable???

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Never had farrier problems but getting So states to lime our fields is pulling hen's teeth. Unfortunately, there are more people not keeping their word than are...or seems like it. Visiting from The Writer's Porch...I think - memory is terrible so might be wrong - smile.

Jessica said...

Wow, you are one brave woman.

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