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Friday, April 03, 2009

Standin' in the shower thinkin'. . .

You are welcome for the ear worm.

AH HA!! I got it! I figured it out. If Congress passes this asinine FDA bill I have a back up plan. oh yes I do. I have to work out all the details of course, but it is something I can do, something that will have little overhead, so the cost to the customer will be low, and the FDA won't be able to stick their noses in it. hahahaha! I figured it out.

I am headed to the Farmstead this morning to get some work done.

I was answering a question for someone yesterday, I realized that I didn't tag everything correctly. I was looking up pickle recipes, and only one of them was tagged with pickles. hmmm. I need to be more careful with that.

There was something else I wanted to talk about, but for the life of me I can't remember. It was important, I know it was.

I have Howling Hills Seed exchange package. I will update that on Monday.

Never mind, the roads are flooded, I will be staying home today.


Melonie said...

Hmmmm...I can't wait to hear (see) this idea. Very intriguing - you've got my wheels turning now. It's a riddle. LOL

HermitJim said...

Sometimes good ideas come at the strangest times, ya know? You get strange lookls when all is quiet in the room and suddenly you have an "Eureka" moment and jump up and say "I got it!", causing all others in the room to jump and widen their eyes while grabbing at their chest!

Love those kind of moments...priceless!

alrescate said...

What kind of seeds are you exchanging?

Anonymous said...

ha ha, love the jane's ref


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