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Monday, April 06, 2009

Howling Hill Seed Swap

Alrescate asks wait we were exchanging, I wasn't ignoring you, just waiting for this post.

This is the second year I have been part of this. There were only a few of us last year. This year, wow! There are all kinds of goodies in this ratty envelope.

People sign up, give their mailing address to Howling Hill. She prints it up, stuffs a few seed in the package and mails it to the first person. That person takes some seeds and adds some new ones. The only rule, no GMO's.

I took a pinch of a few things, deciding against taking an entire package of something.

I took pinches of

yellow grape tomato
Seminole pumpkin mix
Numez Big Jim Chili peppers
Black Krim Tomatoes
winged Beans
Amish paste tomato
Mortgage lifter tomato
King of the north Pepper
Market More cucumbers

I put in:

Culinary Sage
California Black eyed cow peas
Amish Pie Squash
Japanese white popcorn
dent corn
red clover
Kidney beans
pinto beans

I will get this off in the mail sometime today.

There is an article here, for those of you that were asking about early spring planting (what you should plant).


SkippyMom said...

What are GMOs? Sorry, not a seed girl :D

Phelan said...

GMO = genetically modified organism. It means an organism, with the exception of the human being, in which the genetic material has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally by mating and/or by natural recombination

ChristyACB said...

Oooh...I think I want to do this next year too! I have loads of seeds but am always looking for something new!

Hey...You! Yes, you with the face, I'm talking to you!! said...

Um...I think that is a great idea, except how do you know WHAT will grow well in your area?
Are the seeds in baggies(from lastyears crop), or are they in the seed packages you would buy in the store? (so you could read how they grow in your area??)
Just wondering.. ;)

Howling Hill said...

Thanks for posting Phelen. Whom did you receive the seeds from? Where are they going next?

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