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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

If you have to blame something, you could always blame me.

I will be honest, not much actually brings me to tears, emotional tears. There is this one commercial however that gets me. It is about buying Passover Meals for Jews overseas. Maybe because the Rabbi talking gets all choked up. . . I don't know, but it really bothers me, and makes me tear up. There is a website that asks Christians to Unite for Israel. My personal feeling about this is that I really don't care what faith you are, Americans love Israel. We always have. I grew up in an antsiest/agnostic household, and was still taught to love Israel as I love my own Country, and the Country of my family origins.

On to homesteading things,

Nada. I got nothing for you. We had a hard frost last night, so I am mourning the passing of my apples and peaches and all the young seedlings that were coming in. Today I have to go out and replant everything. Except potatoes. They should be fine. I worry that if things go bad again this year, I will need to find a different life. oh woe is me! ha!

Murrial is a bit more tolerant of me. She is a week away from her due date. I have to speed this tolerance up a bit. Problem I am having is that my husband still hasn't replaced the gate that Sunny broke, and I am having a hard time keeping those greedy Dexter's away from Murrial, and the treats.

The goat kids are doing well. They are just as demanding and bossy as their mother. Nurture or Nature? They have decided to attempt to trip me as I walk with the feed bucket. I figure that they think they can get me to drop the bucket. And it doesn't seem to matter that they have feed, they want whatever I plan on giving to someone else. Betty has figured out that she can seriously confuse the Dexters by jumping into their treat bucket in the milk stanchion. The ladies are surprisingly gentle with the babies, and try to nudge them out of the way. Unfortunately Donkey seems to become a punching bag for the girls, good thing he isn't sheared yet. I will be grateful when the ground dries up and the sheep and goats can go back into their pen. Poor Donkey, he so wants Sammy to love him. (Donkey is the name of our sheep). Sunny and him were always together. Sammy wants nothing to do with him.

The chickens are laying again, but I am not finding their most recent nests. Free range is annoying, they will have to go back into the pen.

We were given another freezer. Which I am grateful for. I need to get it into the house. Once Murrial starts milking, I will need that space. We also have another refrigerator waiting at a friends house for us. That will go into the garage to store milk and soft cheeses and butter. Maybe some yogurt and ice cream in the freezer part of it.

See, Nada. I got nothin' to tell ya.

If a cow laughed really hard.... would milk come out of her nose?


Melissa ~ Mom to 6 said...

I went out yesterday and covered everything with the leftover hay and leaves. I've not yet checked to see if it survived. I know I'll have hundreds of potato plants, but I hope the rest of it made it. I'm totally kicking myself for not starting more broccoli and cabbage - I put it all out on Saturday. Sigh. I should've known better.

Anonymous said...

LOL I love the cow comment - milk out her nose! =) You know, I am the blame taker in this end of the woods (willing and unwilling). I usually tell people that since I am already the #? of the four horsemen (plague, famine, pestilence) they will need to take the blame for something. I cannot do it all! =P

ChristyACB said...

I dunno about the cow. Can someone who has one give it a little test and see? With pictures?

This cold snap (for us it was whipping winds and 2 inches of rain in an hour) will be with us bringing down temps about 30 degrees from our high on saturday. Plants really hate that!

The Thinker said...

Well, I feel a bit like a tool myself because I went around the yard yesterday covering everything I could with sheets or blankets or lawn clippings. The forecast said it was going to be 29 last night.

I haven't been able to confirm yet, but I think it got to around 38. :-/ I stayed up until 2 and it was only 41 when I went to bed.

Now I have to collect and wash all my sheets for nothing! LOL


Lisa said...

Well, your nada beats my full day anytime! Love reading your blog!

alrescate said...

This weather is nuts...I hope it settles down soon.

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